imit. It is limited by the space of the Immortal Treasure itself. When encountering this type of world-type immortal magic, it will be exploded in one encounter.

But if we can absorb the essence of this kind of world-type immortal magic, it will make up for the final shortcoming.
Zhang Jian seemed to hear this voice muttering to himself. His eyes fell on the picture of the Paradise Spirit. Ji Xueqiong’s face turned pale. She felt that she had no secrets at this moment. Everything was completely understood by the Emperor of Great Xia in front of her. see through.
The corners of her mouth moved slightly, but she stopped talking.
At this time, Zhang Jian slowly took back the Nine-Colored Dao Diagram in his hand.
Zhang Jian didn’t argue with him, he just said.
“What your fifth-level immortal treasure lacks should be the creation of the two paths of time and space. This is not difficult. In the future, you can come to Ziwei Hall often to listen to the sermon. I will explain to you the mysteries of the path of time and space!”
Since Ji Xueqiong has expressed her attitude, Zhang Jian will certainly not be stingy in giving her advice.
The Great Xia Dynasty was expanding too fast and needed strong men to take charge.
Most of his concubines are extremely talented and have great luck. If they grow up, they can also take charge of one side.
If one day he ascends to heaven, these concubines can take his place in the Holy King’s family and ensure that the Holy King’s family has a stable foundation.
When Ji Xueqiong heard this, a trace of joy appeared in her eyes, and she also felt a sense of belonging deep in her heart.
The Paradise Spirit Chart is her heritage and also contains her destiny path. If this treasure can be advanced, she will have a bright future.
However, Ji Xueqiong felt a little hesitant when she remembered another secret contained in the Paradise Spirit Diagram.
But seeing that Zhang Jian had already stood up, he glanced at the sky and smiled.
“The fragrant tea in my concubine’s palace is very good. I will come back another day. If my concubine has anything unclear, you can always enter Hanyuan Hall and Ziwei Hall to listen!”
Zhang Jian walked away.
/At this time, the moon was rising above the willow branches, and the feedback from the Imperial Ancestral Temple should be coming soon, so he no longer had the idea of ??staying in Jixian Palace.
Ji Xueqiong quickly stood up and saluted.
“Congratulations to Your Majesty!”
Zhang Jian waved his hand and left Jixian Palace under the moonlight.
In the Imperial Ancestral Temple.
Zhang Jian entered and sealed the place casually.
He did not wait long, and in an instant he saw the divine light of incense flowing around the golden body of his ancestor. A magnificent passage between the two realms opened, and a divine light flowed out. In an instant, the cyan treasure light fell into Zhang Jian’s hands.
Zhang Jian looked at it, his eyes fluctuating slightly.
Looking at it, it is a blue-gray orb.
There were two peculiar origins of the laws of the great a