e first time, he did hear the cry of the Nine Heavens Phoenix.

Of course, you can also hear it now if you activate your mana.
“It can be used as a radio. It’s good to listen to the phoenix chirping when you’re bored. It can also wash away distracting thoughts.”
On the recliner, Zhang Jian stood up and stretched slightly, and then made arrangements for ancestor worship.
He deliberately waited until the governor’s mansion fell before worshiping his ancestors, just to see if he could get more wool from the ‘ancestor’ in the ancestral temple.
At this moment, Zhang Lu also hurriedly entered the mansion with Hu Shan and other veterans from the outside. Looking from a distance outside, there were dozens of carts of large red wooden boxes.
“Mr. Lang, I found something good!”
In the mansion, Zhang Jian was asking his servants to carry gold and silver ingots. When Zhang Lu saw it, he stepped forward to offer the treasures with joy.
“Oh?” Zhang Jian looked at Zhang Lu in surprise.
He personally searched inside and outside the county governor’s house. Naturally, he would not let go of any truly valuable items, but apart from some antiques, calligraphy and paintings, there were almost none.
Especially the Qingyu Taoist he focused on, this Taoist seemed to have expected it, and transferred all his worth, leaving him no benefit at all.
What other valuable treasures can Zhang Lu find?
“Mr. Lang, it’s a book. I took back all the library in the Sheriff’s Mansion!”
Zhang Lu looked proud at this time. He waved his hand, and Hu Shan, Xiao Xie and others carried up large red wooden boxes one by one. The wooden boxes were filled with countless classics.
Zhang Jian flipped through it briefly, and immediately realized the value of these classics, and patted Zhang Lu on the shoulder.
Zhang Lu was careful.
/This thing may not be rare for other Junwang families, but the Zhang family lacks it.
“here you go!”
“In this way, my Zhang family can be regarded as a scholarly family, with farming and reading being the heirloom!”
Zhang Lu smiled naively when he heard this, but his eyes looked at Hu Shan next to him, and it was hard to hide his show-off. Hu Shan immediately glanced at Zhang Lu angrily. In his opinion, those antiques, calligraphy and calligraphy of the county governor’s house, and calligraphy and stickers by famous people were the best. Honey, but this idiot in front of him insists on grabbing the study room, and there is nothing he can do about it.
The entire County Sheriff’s Mansion has quieted down at this time, but there are many county soldiers stationed on the outside, and ordinary people are not allowed to approach easily.
On a large willow tree outside the long street, several birds were perching on the branches.
There is also an eccentric bird perched on a branch of a tree. It is white all over, like a hen, and round. However, other birds are blind to its existence, as if they cannot see it. .
But its gaze fell on a woman dressed in black under the tree.
This woman in black had a graceful figure and a unique