nfinite earth.

This is actually an innate spiritual treasure with earth attributes.
There was a hint of brightness in Zhang Jian’s eyes.
After offering sacrifices so many times, he finally obtained an innate spiritual treasure with earth attributes.
This is really not easy.
Wisps of innate fairy light intertwined deep in his palm, instantly integrated into this innate spiritual treasure, and began to initially refine this treasure.
When his eternal immortal light merged into the innate spiritual treasure, another message flowed out from the innate spiritual treasure.
“The Unnamed Golden Book: an innate spiritual treasure condensed from the origins of heaven and earth in another dimension, one of the trophies of heaven’s expedition to all realms!”
“Note: This treasure contains part of the origin of the earth in the heaven of another dimension. After refining, the ruler of the earth in the heaven and earth of another dimension can be obtained (pure purple). This treasure contains the nine innate divine prohibitions and many laws of heaven and earth!”
Chapter 679: Tianling Jiuzhou, God comes to the world
It is an innate spiritual treasure with earth attributes, and it is also an innate spiritual treasure with earth attributes that is close to the upper limit of top grade.
There was also a rare ripple in the depths of Zhang Jian’s eyes.
However, Zhang Jian discovered that this nameless golden book did not seem to be a killing type treasure, but was probably mainly for assistance and defense.
This requires him to completely refine this innate spiritual treasure before he can know the secret of this treasure.
Zhang Jian immediately stayed in the ancestral temple and directly refined the nameless golden book.
This golden book has no name, so Zhang Jian simply named it the Golden Book of the Emperor.
On the other side, Zhang Jian decided to agree to the task regarding the Tianling Dimension after thinking about it for a period of time.
Although there are frequent wars and considerable dangers in the dimension of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, completing this matter will indeed help him stabilize his voice in the Three Emperors Heaven Realm.
And it’s time for him to travel around, hone his skills, and prepare to set foot on the other side!
Zhang Jian stayed in the ancestral temple for a hundred years.
/After a hundred years of focusing all his energy on this ownerless, high-grade innate spiritual treasure, and truly refining the Emperor’s Golden Book in depth, Zhang Jian came to know the true magical use of this object.
Just as he thought, this thing was indeed mainly for assistance and defense.
But its auxiliary divine power is really wonderful.
It has the ability to record the rules of the great avenue of heaven and earth and purify the original rules of the earth.
This is a very important ability. In Zhang Jian’s future practice, with this treasure, he can record the wonderful laws of the heaven and earth, eliminate the unnecessary and retain the essential, and the process of eliminating the false and r