is world to hide himself.

But after tens of thousands of years of slumber, most of the souls in the world of Plague God Gladstone have dissipated, and there are not many souls left.
In the past, it could still rely on one hundred fifth-level souls for support, but Shadow Attendant absorbed one hundred fifth-level souls, causing the number of souls in the world of Plague God Gladstone to drop to a level where it could no longer sustain the existence of the world.
Gladstone, the god of plague, did not consider this at first, because in the world of any god, there will be countless billions of souls. These souls are enough to support the existence of the world. No god will consider the lack of souls. Condition.
The crystallization of divine power is extremely precious to any god, especially a weak god like Gladstone, the god of plague.
If it were not a last resort, Gladstone, the God of Plague, would not want to consume precious crystals of divine power.
/The world of Plague God Gladstone cannot be without a soul, otherwise even if he hides the world, it will slowly collapse due to the lack of souls in the world.
No god will let his world collapse. If the god’s world collapses, the god will be directly exposed to the main world of the divine world.
The rules of the divine world will suppress the gods. Although the gods who suppress their strength are strong enough to crush the fifth-level Templars among the knights, the consumption of fighting in the divine world will be huge and easier. Fall.
There are too many things in the gods that other strong men want to get. As long as Gladstone, the god of plague, appears in the divine world, there will be countless fifth-level Templar Knights without the need for major temple organizations. Fight for the treasures on the body of Plague God Gladstone.
Of course, the Plague God Gladstone was discovered by the major temples, and no fifth-level Templars took the initiative. They could only wait for the temple’s recruitment before they could carry out the ‘God-killing’ mission.
In fact, few fifth-level Templars wanted to participate in the temple’s recruitment, and they would only reluctantly participate under forced recruitment.
Because of this ‘god-killing’ mission, the God War is dominated by fifth-level Templars, but the main gains are all attributed to the temple.
All the items related to the gods obtained after ‘killing the gods’ will be taken away by the temple. Although the treasures left behind are good, they are really nothing to a fifth-level Templar.
This is why Lord Gould did not report to the temple after discovering Gladstone, the God of Plague, but instead organized his own manpower to ‘kill the gods’.
The temple also has an important task in the world of gods, which is to prevent anyone from starting the road to becoming a god.
In order not to become the prey of several major temples, Gladstone, the God of Plague, chose to occupy Lumbu Star first.
As long as the entire Lumbu Planet is controlled, even if the temple wants to eliminate him, it needs to