asure Record” from the Patriarch Hall as the fundamental method for practice.

After making the selection, he immediately kowtowed to the Patriarch, and then he saw a divine light sinking into the depths of his soul from the incense basin in the Patriarch’s Hall, and the fundamental Dharma was imprinted on the depths of his soul.
It has always included all kinds of magical methods of practice from the life-testing foundation, golden elixir, Yin Shen, and Yuan Shen stages, which is broad and profound.
Zhang Jian suppressed his joy.
Obtaining the Immortal Magic is worth celebrating, but the benefits that follow should not be missed.
The second is the choice of auxiliary methods.
The auxiliary method is mainly based on choosing the type of main magic weapon, including alchemy method, or simple visualization method to nourish the mind, as well as the method of controlling beasts, or the method of cultivating elixir.
Most monks will give priority to a map of the main magic weapon here.
After the fortune-telling and foundation building, the immortal cultivators have been able to control magical weapons, but how can the magical weapons cultivated through ordinary methods be compared to the sect that has been refined and refined over time, and can continue to be refined and grown as one’s own realm breaks through? of magic weapon.
Of course Zhang Jian is not willing to miss it.
Accompanied by Bai Xianyin, he entered the Golden Cauldron Hall next to him, and after a moment, he selected the map of his main magic weapon.
Because he had a lot of luck when he started, he got extra bonuses and could choose one more direct auxiliary method. Zhang Jian chose a book of visualization and nourishing techniques, which can bring out the innate nature of his soul. Powerful advantages.
Secondly, he can also choose a book of spells in the Patriarch’s Palace.
For the technique, Zhang Jian chose the “Nine Heavens Riding the Wind and Control the Thunder Technique” that Bai Xianyin had suggested before. This technique is a book of wind and thunder techniques, which is very powerful. He just happened to have practiced the wind and thunder technique, and he had the foundation to practice it. , there will be an advantage.
Of course, Zhang Jian paid more attention to the method of hiding.
Not only is his escape technique superior, his killing ability is also powerful enough.
This fits his philosophy very well.
As for the two major techniques that the demon-slaying lineage can choose from, Zhang Jian did not choose them directly this time, but left them for another day.
There is something hidden in this.
Chapter 100 Persuasion
With two techniques left, he can naturally find an opportunity to return to the Holy Mountain at any time and ask the Demon-Slaying Lord for advice.
Bai Xianyin also supports this idea.
/“Young master, this is fine. The fundamental method and the two auxiliary methods you have obtained so far are profound and profound, and it will take time to understand them!”
/“But young master, you really don’t think abo