However, a moment later, a magnificent and majestic will swept over. This will seemed to penetrate time and space, and destiny was like a torrent. Generally scan the entire void.

But nothing was found, which made this vast will exude a trace of doubt.
Then he saw wisps of divine power turning into flames of light in the void, like golden lamps, shining through the void, but still nothing was gained.
Tianyuan Sea is located on an unnamed fairy island. This place is rich in innate essence and attracts many monks. Immortals and gods have settled here.
Although it is a fairy island, it is equivalent to the vast land of China in other heavenly realms.
In fact, this place is not small. From a distance, it looks like it suppresses the sea area of ??tens of millions of kilometers, gathering boundless invisible innate essence. In the void, it is not uncommon to see the radiance of immortal gods.
Zhang Jian and Nan Dou Xingjun Fu Yuan appeared in a building carved from a mountain peak. There were many cultivators here facing the white clouds, and the mountain breeze was feasting in the sea of ??clouds.
Zhang Jian looked at the sea of ??clouds in front of him and said to Lord Nandou Xing.
“Fellow Daoist Fu, although this place has few blessings from heaven and earth, the scenery is pretty good!”
Nan Dou Xingjun glanced around and shook his head.
“The emperor’s vision is extraordinary. This place is a rare blessed place in the earthly immortal world, and even in all the heavenly realms governed by the heavenly court. What is especially rare is that the innate legacy of this world has not been dissipated, so it is extremely precious!”
Zhang Jian smiled slightly.
As we all know, the longer a heaven takes to evolve, the fewer natural materials and treasures it contains.
Those precious heavenly materials and earthly treasures are extremely rare artifacts. Most of them are gestated and take a long time to recover. If someone continues to destructively pick them, there will only be fewer and fewer of them.
However, this does not mean that the value of a heaven’s evolution will be lower if the time is abnormal.
That is for low-level monks, but for high-level monks, it is just converting heavenly materials and earthly treasures into another special value.
The evolution of a heavenly civilization and the evolution of heaven and earth are intangible values.
Of course, this kind of vision can only be understood after reaching the edge of the other shore.
/Zhang Jian’s eyes fell on the Nan Douxing Lord and he just said.
“Fellow Daoist Fu is entering the Heavenly Spirit Realm on the orders of God Ziwei?”
Fu Yuan glanced at Zhang Jian, his thoughts racing, but his expression was solemn.
“I don’t dare to hide it from the emperor. We and the stars indeed have a special mission when they enter the heavenly spirit world!”
After a slight pause, he immediately said again.
“The emperor is also a god in heaven. Telling the emperor at this time does not count as violating God’s will!”
Speaking of Emperor Ziwei, he slightly raise