, silently, slowly walked into the other official water transport ships. Inside.

Looks like just a regular rotation.
Zhang Jian frowned and took a closer look, then he took a few steps forward.
In an instant, his face darkened, and with his keen mind, he noticed a faint smell of blood escaping from the official ship.
At this time, in his mind, he saw two figures lying on the ground with only their shirts left.
“Those two government officials are weird!”
His expression changed slightly and his eyes fluctuated. He noticed that a faint smell of blood soon came from the water transportation official ship next to him. It seemed that the water transportation officials stationed in the second ship had also encountered something unexpected.
/It’s too late to remind you!
Zhang Jian frowned and looked, and within a moment he saw someone climbing into the cabin from the bottom of the water. He quickly changed into a human skin mask, and soon put the body of the shipping officer inside into a snakeskin bag and sank it into the Grand Canal.
Later, I saw several “yamen servants” driving official ships, grandly replacing the original water transport soldiers, and went to inspect the merchants coming and going at the ferry.
“They’re infiltrating!”
This thought flashed through Zhang Jian’s mind at this moment, and at this moment Zhang Jian had a vague guess about the origins of several figures.
People who teach in Xuandu.
He immediately found a boat boss who was collecting fishing nets next to him and started chatting casually.
“Boatman, are there many boats at the ferry lately?”
Hearing Zhang Jian’s words, the elderly boatman laughed.
“Lang Jun, as you said, the ferry in Qunxian Town has always been one of the busiest in the southern counties. All kinds of ships pass and stop at the ferry every day, but the number is more during this time. ”
Zhang Jian’s eyes changed slightly and he said again: “I see that people from the Water Transport Yamen have set up checkpoints at the ferry. The inspection seems to be extremely strict!”
The old boatman laughed when he heard this and said: “Don’t worry about them. Most of them just want some benefits. They won’t really embarrass us. As long as there is a way to lead them!”
“That’s not good!”
After saying goodbye to the boss of the ship, Zhang Jian felt a little heavy at this time.
The Xuandu Sect’s infiltration into Jixian County is more serious than imagined.
It is still unclear how many people have been infiltrated!
As a local snake in Fengyang County, he naturally does not want anything to happen to Jixian County now. Once something happens to Jixian County, the Xuandu Sect will definitely not let go of Fengyang County, which is just around the corner.
After changing his mind, Zhang Jian had an idea.
We must not let Xuandujiao take Jixian County easily.
Otherwise, the Xuandu Sect would have to be held back to give the court time to react.
Immediately, he quickly returned to the inn and found an opportunity to meet Shi Lun alone.
“Brother Chengfeng, something big h