pondered for a moment, Taojun Qingxia’s reminder was timely.

After thinking about it, he asked Taojun Qingxia what he thought.
“Do you have any suggestions, Mr. Dao?”
A smile appeared in his eyes, and Daojun Qingxia smiled a little when she saw this. She knew that with Zhang Jian’s astuteness, he must have guessed that she had a request, so she said it bluntly.
“You are quite clever. I have indeed found a suitable task for you. In addition, I also have something you can help me with!”
After a slight pause, she said again.
“To be precise, you are not helping me, but the Queen Mother of the West!”
“The Queen Mother of the West?”
Zhang Jian frowned slightly, wondering how this matter had anything to do with this empress.
/Qingxia Daojun’s eyes were a little subtle and he said calmly.
“I remember that you used the Qiguang Secret Realm in the West Kunlun Mountains for a gambling fight with Yuzhuo Daojun before. The Queen Mother of the West did not ask for payment from you at that time!”
She meant something.
“Is this what Senior Queen Mother Xi means?”
Zhang Jian frowned slightly.
Qingxia Daojun shook his head and said: “That senior will not speak easily. This is an opportunity that I will give you to fight for. It is not easy to owe favors to people with great supernatural powers. It’s better to do it sooner rather than later. Be careful and it will be more troublesome in the future!”
Zhang Jian glanced at Daojun Qingxia, and he knew that the ‘great magical power’ that Daojun Qingxia mentioned at this time was not what he actually meant.
The Queen Mother of the West is one of the ancient saints who was born in the innate era. She is by no means as simple as a third-level magical power!
Zhang Jian was thinking about it, and he felt that what Qingxia Daojun said was not unreasonable.
The Queen Mother of the West lent him the Qiguang Secret Realm as a favor.
Although the Queen Mother of the West did not ask him for it, he had to express it.
Zhang Jian glanced at Daojun Qingxia and said.
“I don’t know what the mission is? It involves a mythical and powerful person like the Queen Mother of the West. I can’t bear the trouble!”
Qingxia Daojun smiled.
“This task will not be difficult for you. As for what the Queen Mother of the West wants, it is just an opportunity. You only need to create this opportunity, and then the task will be completed!”
“I have made a copy of this mission message and sent it to you first! If you think it is feasible, I will get this mission scroll for you!”
Taojun Qingxia smiled.
Zhang Jian nodded, and immediately walked out of the Liuhe Hall and entered the Tianwang Hall deep in the fairy world.
There is a special cross-dimensional teleportation array here, which can teleport immortals and objects. After a while, Zhang Jian got the mission scroll sent by Qingxia Daojun.
“What an ambitious mission!”
At this time, Zhang Jian’s eyes fell on the scroll in his hand, and there was some surprise in his eyes.
/The missions in Heaven are all kinds of strange, including weapon refining