head, and the vast Yuanshizhen body was covered with Layers of substantive Divine Light of the Origin, above the long river of destiny of the Tianmen, it is as if there is a supreme Holy Image of the Origin descending across the long river of destiny.

It is the source of the great avenue of space in the heavens, the head of all suns, and the supreme pure sun.
There is also a layer of immortal Qi in his body, which has gone through thousands of calamities without defeat. Even the human Dao map will be shaken by a punch. Behind the Taiyi clan, the origin of the infinite Heavenly Dao from the ancient wilderness descended from the void and blessed his body. , making the immeasurable holy image behind him become extremely intense.
/At this time, the Primordial Divine Light blooming around him was far beyond that of the average strong person in the third step of the path.
Within the Human Dao Formation, Zhang Jian relied on his powerful Yuanshen induction to become more aware of how powerful the Taiyi clan was at this time.
But Zhang Jian did not think that the Taiyi clan still had hope of winning.
After integrating part of the Taoism into the Humanity Dao Diagram, Zhang Jian is very aware of the tyranny of the Humanity will.
Especially with the various tyrannical secret techniques developed by the Fuxi clan, the Taiyi clan had no chance of winning.
The will of humanity at this time is not much inferior to the will of heaven.
The ‘way of heaven’ he refers to refers to the rules of the great void of the heavens.
“I just don’t know if this ability can be compared with that of the Yuanshi Saint?”
This thought flashed through Zhang Jian’s mind, but he quickly put it away.
The answer in his mind tended to be no.
Because the will of the human race can really threaten the saints, the saints will definitely not allow the human race to grow to this situation.
But Fuxi Shenghuang’s Daoxing, blessed by the will of humanity, is really terrifying to the extreme.
At this time, Fu Xi raised his hand and pointed, and saw that the magnificent Eight Diagrams of Humanity gradually turned into a terrifying black-red color that made people feel chilling. There were countless scenes of demons invading the human race in the void. Among them, the one that made countless strong human race become furious was one of them. Part of the scene of ancient monsters massacring human tribes.
Hundreds of billions of ancient human races were slaughtered in a short period of time, with only a few tens of thousands left, and almost all races were wiped out.
The tragic scene aroused the anger of most of the powerful human beings.
Under the terrifying flames of humanity, the power of the black and red map of humanity skyrocketed. The negative curses of hundreds of millions of people emerged in the gloomy black, and the boundless thunder of humanity emerged in the blood!
/“Humanity Curse, Hongmeng Humanity Blood Thunder!”
The Holy Emperor Fuxi has a majestic appearance, with layers of milky white humane energy flowing around his body. The immeas