of these innate spiritual treasures had been contaminated by demonic energy, and it would probably take a long time to recover.

Taojun Qingxia looked around at this time and said suddenly.
“Ayu, where are you now?”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian pondered for a moment and then told the truth.
“Third Transformation Taoist Master!”
Although Qingxia Daojun had a guess, she still couldn’t help showing a hint of surprise in her eyes.
But he asked again in a flash.
“Can you resist the power of the Tao?”
There was a hint of surprise in Zhang Jian’s eyes.
Taojun Qingxia just smiled slightly when he saw this.
“Do you want to be a big one?”
A hint of intense color appeared in the depths of her eyes.
“Master Dao, can you elaborate?”
A hint of touching color appeared in the depths of Qingxia Daojun’s eyes, and he just said.
“Do you know who the leader of the Qilin clan is among the three ancient clan leaders in the wilderness?”
Zhang Jian had some speculations in his heart when he heard this, but his eyes were still a little surprised.
Daojun Qingxia met Zhang Jian’s eyes and smiled.
“I have received accurate information from the descendants of the Qilin clan. The innate treasure left by the ancestor of the Qilin clan may be here!”
Chapter 821: The unlucky Qilin clan wiped out all the demons with a snap of their fingers
Zhang Jian looked with a little surprise in his eyes.
The good corpse of ‘Qingxia Daojun’ told him that Qingxia Daojun entered the Stone Dragon Heaven Realm this time to find a mysterious innate relic.
But Zhang Jian really didn’t expect to be related to the Qilin clan.
And it is related to the ancestor of the Qilin clan.
At this time, Zhang Jian opened the map of mountains and rivers to cover the Five Turbid Demon Palace.
Taojun Qingxia must have slowly revealed the purpose of his trip.
Lantai Taoist Palace tracked a strong man from the Qilin clan a long time ago.
The strong man of the Qilin clan is a Taoist Lord, and he is also one of the few ancient Taoist Lords of the Qilin clan.
After Taoist Qingxia met by chance and captured this ancient Taoist from the Qilin clan, the ancient Taoist told some of the secrets he knew in order to survive.
This is the origin of the innate legacy of the Qilin clan.
“I just didn’t expect that after entering the Stone Dragon Heaven Realm, I would be quickly targeted by the Yin Zhuo Demon Lord. I tried my best, but I couldn’t get rid of his entanglement. In the end, the reincarnation map of the heavens fell into his hands. Fortunately, this old devil is too horny and still thinks about the bait I gave, otherwise I might not be able to support your arrival, Ayu!”
Taojun Qingxia looked a bit sighing.
Although she had become a Taoist Lord three times and had a good corpse at the level of a Taoist Lord, she didn’t have much room to resist when faced with the Yin and Turbid Demon Lord.
Even if you use many innate spiritual treasures.
/Instead, several items were taken away.
Even he himself was suppressed.
Zhang Jian smiled slightly.
“Daojun is always