eng’s Four Bagua palm strikes split from the Condensed Taoist Iron Hand Bagua, Su Yu, although her expression remained unchanged, was shocked in her heart. She never expected that Zhu Peng would suddenly In the midst of his erection, he broke away from the petty and feminine secret just now, and he actually seemed to be a different person! The ingenuity and caution hidden behind the puppet were swept away, replaced by overwhelming power and domineering!

The fierce power is like a giant dragon’s suction. This Bagua and two palms attack Zhongzang. If you hit it head-on, that’s it. If you want to retreat, you will be pulled upright by the suction of the dragon. When the time comes, With their center of gravity lost and their posture disrupted, how many monks can defeat the Zhu family father and son who combine magic and martial arts in close combat? In modern terms, this is a control technique.
/Because Zhu Peng suddenly exploded, the real energy around his body flowed and roared, and his muscles bulged and stretched. In an instant, an eleven-year-old boy transformed into a well-proportioned but ferocious and muscular giant. The beast, that kind of violent transformation into taller and stronger, is like an originally harmless little white rabbit suddenly transforming into a human-eating rabbit spirit. Such a change, in Su Yu’s eyes, is just like a ghost!
So instinctively, she subconsciously chose to retreat. “Hu” Just as he took a step back, Su Yu’s ears were instantly filled with strong strong winds. The power of the Four Bagua Palms was unleashed to the extreme at this moment. Su Yu, who was being pulled away, not only failed to retreat, but also failed to retreat. Moreover, with his center of gravity unbalanced, he leaned forward a little, and at this step he faced Zhu Peng’s heavy palm. The “choking” light ripples of energy almost instantly aroused to a level visible to the naked eye. Zhu Peng struck. The palms on Su Yu’s chest did not succeed. Three inches in front of Su Yu’s body, the strong body-protecting essence formed an invisible but qualitative wall of air, firmly protecting his master’s physical chest.
/At the same time, Su Yu’s body-protecting true energy echoed with the long sword in his palm. The bright long sword seemed to be spiritually infiltrated by the true energy machine, and instantly burst out with extremely strong sword energy. That kind of The sharpness and fierceness forced Zhu Peng, who had successfully attacked, to take a few steps back.
Zhu Peng had long known that the spiritual sword in Su Yu’s hand had no additional attack spells. Although the low-level magic weapon could be added with one Tao spell, and the mid-level magic weapon could be added with two, then as a top-level magic sword that was degraded from the spirit sword, Even if three or four Taoist techniques are added, it is normal, although the power should not be too strong.
But Zhu Peng knew that in fact, the sword in Su Yu’s hand did not even have an additional Taoist skill. It was not that it did not exist in the first p