white water from a distance, their hearts throbbing. There was no look of gloating on their faces, only awe.

This thousand-year calamity is too terrifying.
Many of them only have a slight contact, but they feel that their priests may be shattered directly under the light of lightning, and their priesthood will collapse.
“This thousand-year divine catastrophe is really terrifying. This kind of power is no weaker than the various catastrophes that Lord Yin Shen needs to survive!”
In Fengchao Mountain, Fengling Mountain God looked at this scene calmly.
Among the gods in Fengyang County, the only one she admired was the White Water Dragon Lord.
The dragon is a strange beast that is closest to a real dragon, and it is powerful.
/Beside her, the Red Flower Lady was wearing a red dress, with a bright red divine mark deep in her eyebrows, and her brows were furrowed tightly.
The thousand-year divine calamity is a sharp blade that weighs on the hearts of the gods, forcing the gods to practice diligently.
She said in a deep voice: “Baishui Longjun lost his vitality before. It will be very dangerous to survive this disaster!”
After all, the White Water Dragon Lord is still an ally of the Zhang family, and is the father-in-law of his master. Naturally, he is also her helper. The Red Flower Empress does not want the White Water Dragon Lord to fail in overcoming the tribulation.
Fengling Mountain God shook his head and said: “After all, he is a dragon, so he won’t die so easily. The only thing that needs to be guarded against is that someone takes advantage of the situation and robs him!”
Thousand-year Shinto catastrophes are usually divided into strong and weak ones.
There is a very strict assessment model in the Sheji Shinto. If the god’s performance is good, there are few resentments, and the merits are sufficient, there may only be twenty-nine thunder tribulations. If the merits are insufficient, or the incense is scarce, and there are many resentments, you may have to face A relatively serious test of the Four Nine Thunder Tribulations.
If one’s own evil power is entangled, the most terrifying six thunder tribulations will befall, and there will also be additional inner demon tribulations.
Lord Bai Shuilong has been suppressed for thousands of years, so he probably doesn’t have much resentment. Some time ago, the rain fell to alleviate the drought in Fengyang County and surrounding counties. There should be a lot of incense and merit.
I’m afraid it’s difficult to get a good grade in the performance appraisal, but it’s possible to get a good grade.
The most likely thing to face is the Three Nine Thunder Tribulation.
There is still hope for Bai Shui Longjun who has not yet returned to his peak in the Three Nine Thunder Tribulation.
The only troublesome thing is the monsters around who are taking advantage of the situation.
Chapter 212: Getting the Way and Helping You
“The essence, blood, Yuan Dan, and essence of our mythical beast clan are still very popular!”
On Fengchao Mountain, Fengling was joking, but