ass and grass, which was more than enough to quench his thirst, and there was no sweetness at all.

Just average.
“Master Taifu, what happened today was all caused by your fault. You relied on strength to bully the weak. There is no trace of a master’s style at all.”
Lu Bei said sincerely: “I don’t care about the old woman’s fault, and I don’t want to be acquainted with you. This second-hand broken sword and this oil lamp with a missing wick are kept as apology. Today’s offense will be wiped out. What do you think? ?”
Not really.
The Taifu wrapped his hands around the chains, pointed his toes on the ground, and bent his knees in the air. He turned around and looked at Lu Bei calmly: “These two are my magic weapons for life and death. You can’t take them away unless you kill me first.”
“So there’s nothing to talk about?”
“What do I have to talk about with the devil? You’d better kill me now, otherwise your reincarnation of the devil will be spread throughout the world.”
“The reincarnation of the devil?”
Lu Bei looked confused and raised his hand to touch his chin. Not to mention, his dignity just now was a bit like that of an alien demon.
If they hadn’t come from a clean family, were extremely self-aware, were just a pure white flower, and had nothing to do with the devil, they would have almost believed the Taifu’s nonsense.
“Old witch, if you can’t beat her, you can’t beat her. What’s the point of framing her?”
Lu Bei curled his lips: “You said that I am the reincarnation of a demon. Some people must believe it. If you mention the demon bodies just now, my sect leader can only laugh at you for your short-sightedness and your ignorance of the vast power of Buddhism.”
/Does Buddhism have such a technique?
/The Taifu frowned and expressed disbelief. She had seen many Buddhist masters practicing Buddhism backwards, and indeed they had the power to forge a golden demonic body. However, practicing Buddhism backwards only simulates becoming a demon, and confusing reality with falsehoods cannot make it true. If Lu Bei was not a demon himself, and practicing reversely to regain the demon’s true self, how could he be able to match the evil of the demon with a mortal body.
The Taifu only believed what he saw and did not believe Lu Bei’s lies. He would rather die together and both exhaust their lifespan than open the Taiyi Yantian Map and let him go.
“Let me say it for the last time, this sect leader is not a heavenly demon. If I were a heavenly demon, how could the Sutra of Abandonment entrust the inheritance to me? He cannot be the same.”
Halfway through the words, Lu Bei saw that Taifu suddenly realized something and seemed to have figured out something. He immediately stopped speechlessly and said angrily: “Yes, this sect master is the reincarnation of the demon of heaven and the demon of lust. There is no one everywhere right now. What should we do?” Got to do something.”
The Taifu’s expression remained unchanged, calm and cold, and completely unthreatening.
Familiar picture, as if I have seen it before.