Conference and what the various rewards will be.

To others, every reward is a treasure, but to Lu Bei, it may not be the same thing. Qin Ziyou discussed with the other two inner sect elders and decided to let Lu Bei choose by himself. Whether it was a magic weapon or a secret book of exercises, he would take care of it himself.
/Such care was due to Lu Bei’s personal strength on the one hand, and on the other hand, he broke the demon clan’s conspiracy and contributed to the Holy Land.
Just in case Lu Bei was talking nonsense and kept talking nonsense outside after taking advantage of it, Qin Ziyou made it clear what was right and what was wrong, and finally said: “A skill, a magical power or a magic weapon, does Sect Leader Lu have something he likes?”
Yes, first get a magical power that increases endurance.
Even if he doesn’t have magical powers, his martial arts will do just fine. His qualifications have soared, and he’s not missing just a few scraps.
Lu Bei didn’t know how to describe the ‘endurance’ attribute to Qin Ziyou, and gestured with his hands for a while: “To be honest with Elder Qin, this sect master fought against four great demons, and challenged two hundred elite geniuses from all over the world in a row. He is physically weak and weak. Is there a way to solve it? ?”
Qin Ziyou nodded and looked at Lu Bei intently. A black light flashed in his eyes, confirming that he was indeed in the Fusion stage, and waved his hand to summon dozens of jade slips.
The Three Elements of the Cloud Realm, Yuan Fei’s Supreme Celestial Technique, Immortal Sect’s Five Luck Techniques, Lotus-Shaped Six-Character Secrets, The Eclipse Demon Buddha’s Infinite Heart Sutra, Nine Turns of White Jade
Lu Bei nodded secretly, looking at the handsome name, he knew that each magical skill had an extraordinary origin, so you can’t go wrong with whoever you choose.
/So the question is, who should you choose?
As a patient in the late stages of difficult-to-choose syndrome, Lu Bei has a hard time making judgments and has to make all the final decisions.
In front of Qin Ziyou, citing fate, he touched the books one by one with his fingertips.
The result was not very good. The book only had a cover table of contents and a brief description of the core idea, without the full content of the exercises, so he was not given the opportunity to have sex for nothing.
Damn this holy land, even if you have to guard against villains, you should also guard against gentlemen!
Not being able to go to whoring for nothing, Lu Bei’s difficulty in choosing syndrome went from the late stage to the late stage. He struggled for a while and couldn’t make a decision.
“Elder Qin, Lu is having trouble making a decision at the moment and wants to see again.”
At Qin Ziyou’s nod, Lu Bei walked through the bookshelves, ignoring the martial arts area for the time being, and only wandered around the magical power and secret arts area.
There were a dazzling array of jade slips on the shelves. Lu Bei scanned them one by one with his fingertips, pou