He turned to David and asked.

This is the difference in status. Although David is only a peak soldier, his real combat power makes the four extraordinarys ashamed, so he asked David’s opinion before taking action.
“I’ll try to snipe once first. If I succeed, I’ll move on to the next target immediately. If I miss, I’ll rely on you to block it!” David suggested with a smile.
Because David only had a few days left before leaving, he hoped to hunt more Level 3 Zerg in order to repay the four extraordinary people for taking care of him.
“That’s good!” Babington Chaoren and the others didn’t care about the contribution of their four Chaos in the battle. Anyway, they had already seen David’s strength. This time it was obvious that David brought them to make a fortune. No one could I won’t be embarrassed.
David did not get off the horse, but lay directly on the back of the horse, placing the Growler sniper rifle on the horse’s neck.
Benton Chaofan saw David’s movements and wanted to say something, but was stopped by Babington Chaofan.
Although he didn’t understand why David did this, Babington believed that David had a reason.
Of course David had his own ideas. Since getting the war horse, he had done some research on the war horse.
The physical strength of the war horse is much stronger than him, almost comparable to that of the third-level Zerg, and such physical strength can completely withstand the recoil of the ‘Growler Sniper Rifle’.
In fact, if David had such physical strength, he would not have to lie down on the ground to snipe. He could snipe standing and use his own body to bear the recoil.
/It’s not that no one has thought about allowing sniper warriors to increase their mobility, but unless they are heavy armored vehicles, light vehicles cannot withstand the recoil.
Besides, when fighting Zerg, it is easier to expose the target with armored vehicles or hover vehicles, and these vehicles cannot protect the occupants, and they are not faster than exoskeleton armor.
The war horse is different. It has strong physical strength and sufficient speed. In addition, it can be put into the summoning ring at any time. What better sniper vehicle than the war horse!
When he went deep into the Zerg-occupied area alone before, David was still a little hesitant and did not dare to use this method, but now he is acting with four extraordinary people, even if he makes a mistake, it doesn’t matter.
Although this war horse did not have a spiritual connection with David, it was also a war horse that had been strictly trained since childhood. When David asked it to stand still, it could remain completely still.
“Boom!” An explosion sounded from the ‘Growler Sniper Rifle’. David did not look at the results of the super-large caliber level three sniper bullet.
Because there was no need to look at it. He knew the result the moment the super-large-caliber third-level sniper bullet was fired.
David felt the recoil from the ‘Growler Sniper Rifle’, and then used the method of spiritual transmission in his body to transmit th