ttered, and the void completely collapsed.

The sky and the earth were spinning, and everyone fell down, escaping from the turbulence of the collapsed space, and came to a world with beautiful mountains and clear waters.
The demonic energy is unbridled, infecting this world, turning it into pitch black in the blink of an eye.
Luanniao looked desperate. He used all his magical powers and used all his magic weapons. Not to mention fighting back, he couldn’t even restrain the ten-eyed demon.
The light and shadow changed, and Han Miaojun fell to the top of the mountain, looking at the ten-eyed demon approaching from a distance.
Troubled by the demonic aura, his bright eyes were completely black, with no white spots to be found. He raised his bare hands, his flesh was stained black by the demonic aura, his fingers and claws grew, and his blue and black veins pulsated.
The physical body has been destroyed, and the soul is also in danger.
On the verge of death, Han Miaojun calmly took out the magic mirror, looked at the demonized black-striped witch in the mirror, and began to count the scenes of his own death.
What posture should I use to walk gracefully?
“Lou Jingou, you are also a Mahayana monk after all. You are dead before you die, and you are defeated before you are defeated. Has your cultivation been in vain?” Kuimulang stumbled over, holding a broken sword in his hand and looking disheveled.
Looking at people is like looking into a mirror, Han Miaojun reacted and hurriedly took care of the messy black hair.
Of course, posture is important, and her hairstyle must not be messy. Even if she leaves, she must not lose her manners.
When Kui Mulang saw this, he was heartbroken and cursed to no avail. Then he looked at the ten-eyed demon who was far away in the horizon but very close at hand. He swallowed hard and said, “If the Di Tulang is still there, I can borrow the relic and use it.” After dispersing this evil thought, the outcome is still unknown. It’s a pity that he disappeared at the critical moment.”
“Take it.”
Han Miaojun opened his five fingers and held the relic that radiated the Buddha’s light in his palm.
“Did you kill him?”
/“Stop talking nonsense and get rid of evil thoughts for me.”
The sudden appearance of hope, without any sign, was nothing more than a life-saving straw for Han Miaojun, who was waiting for death with her eyes closed. Even if there was only a glimmer, she wanted to fight for it.
If you seize this light, there may be a miracle.
Kui Mulang didn’t waste any time, picked up the relic and held it tightly, lowered his eyes half-opened and half-closed, and muttered something.
He raised the broken sword above his head, and a orb circled the relic, wildly sweeping away the evil thoughts in Han Miaojun’s body, and then
Injected into one’s own body.
“You use your body to transform into demons, and you use demons to control demons. You do have some tricks, and your heart is ruthless enough.” Han Miaojun sneered. With the help of the relics, the demonic thoughts of the flesh were