pared, and no, they come in handy.

The sky changed, and endless darkness enveloped everything.
In front of the main hall, hundreds of soldiers dispersed the shining white light, surrounded by dark mist, and turned black along with the sky.
The sudden scene made Lu Bei and others freeze on the spot.
Kui Mulang was sweating on his forehead and stroking his beard in a hurry: “No, the formation has changed today.”
“Something weird!”
The sky and the earth continued to tremble, and there seemed to be a huge thing wandering in the void outside the territory. In the chaos, a huge face looked down.
The outline is coquettish, neither male nor female, both male and female. The eyes are upright and tightly closed, and the holy face is as majestic as a god.
The pressure is as heavy as heaven and earth. It is a majestic will that crushes everything. It is definitely not a power that can be found in the world.
Obviously, this is a fairy tomb.
Among the eight people, Lou Jingou was the first to react. He waved his hands in four vertical and five horizontal strokes and jumped straight to the main hall door.
The rest followed suit, exploding with a tyrannical aura, dissipating the fear in their hearts and the seemingly invisible pressure around them, and ran after Lou Jingou as if running for their lives.
Lu Bei took a step slower and settled firmly in the center of several people, side by side with Kui Mulang and Zhang Yuelu. He took the time to glance at the huge face in the sky.
The eyes grow vertically, the face is coquettish yet solemn, and it is difficult to distinguish from chaos, which can be regarded as holy or evil.
Then, he saw the face’s body outside the world.
A fiery red, without hands or feet, it is
A human face and a snake body, a demon clan?
boom! ! !
Just as he was thinking about it, Lou Jingou rushed to the front of the military formation, his hands connected to the void, and his body spread out like water.
Amidst the uncertainty, she moved several times, and in the blink of an eye she was far away from everyone, and broke into the center of the military formation alone, where she was stopped by four unarmed soldiers.
The stone puppets guarding the immortal tombs were different from the stone puppets guarding the ordinary tombs. Lou Jingou put away his sword, and the Milky Way Waterfall flowed down, only cutting off the arms of the two soldiers.
The light dispersed, and the black mist surrounding the soldiers seemed to have infinite gravity, sweeping away the starlight in an instant, causing the terrifying killing sword to end.
Everyone saw this in their hearts and rushed towards the military formation.
Without him, the hundreds of soldiers were powerful, but they were nothing compared to the immortal face hanging in the sky.
Anyone with any brain knows what to choose at this time.
Lu Bei took a step forward, ignoring the shadow’s gaze, and slashed out with the Impermanence Sword in his hand.
The sword’s intention was condensed but not dispersed. The sword’