n or seeking fame or fortune. As a result, the family got two more mouths and lost hundreds of millions. He also had to spend resources to raise a child for the Gu family. Thank you so much!

Even if he agreed, Wu Zhou and Xuanlong were still queuing up!
/“Sect Master Lu, Xiao Wang has one more thing to do.”
King Yuanji raised his head, licked his face and said, “There is a princess in my ancient family. She is well-educated and as beautiful as a fairy. She is proficient in all kinds of music, chess, calligraphy and painting.”
The lines sounded familiar, as if I had heard them somewhere.
Lu Bei touched his chin. He was in his little Lu Bei state. He looked up at the kneeling King Yuanji, rubbed his fingertips, and gave him a look that said, “Monk, you know.”
“Is it the kind that costs ten taels once and thirty five times?”
King Yuanji was silent. He had been cultivating immortals for many years, and it didn’t matter if he was shameless, but he really couldn’t do the job of burying his own juniors.
What could he say?
Sect Master Lu was joking, our princess from the Gu family doesn’t charge any fees, but she still gives money?
How mean!
Thinking back to last year, the Gu family laughed at Xuanlong and Qi Yan for giving away their daughter, showing no royal restraint and self-esteem. This year, it was their turn to give away their daughter, and they couldn’t even find a way to give it away on their knees, not to mention how much they regretted it.
Wu Zhou had a sharp eye and sent the princess out early.
Thinking of this, King Yuanji felt heartbroken. Seeing the Zhu family’s princess riding on Lu Bei’s body was more painful than Lu Bei’s pooping and peeing on their Gu family’s head.
The two countries are friendly neighbors with many years of brotherly friendship. Seeing my little brother’s life becoming more and more comfortable and eating meat, I feel so bitter in my heart!
“Does King Yuanji have anything else to do? If not, I will go and get busy.”
“No matter what Sect Leader Lu orders, the little king will definitely honor his orders whenever he is asked to do so.”
“Okay, then you should follow.”
Lu Bei turned around and floated up into the sky, summoned his own wings, and said with righteous indignation: “King Yuanji, you don’t know, elite forces from several parties have gathered in Liuren Mountain, and the mountain gate is empty and no one can guard it. The leader of this sect calculated with his fingers that there are thieves taking advantage of the situation to rob him. Pretend to be us and frame up the trouble. The more you think about it, the angrier it becomes. You can guard the door later and I, the sect leader, will go in and arrest the person.”
King Yuanji:
What do you mean, you’re too lazy to pretend?
Taking the initiative to ask for a job, mentioning an accomplice, and most likely taking the blame, King Yuanji was secretly upset. However, he was in the critical period of promoting his own princess, so he had to pinch his nose and admit it.
You can’t afford any big thing, and you stil