realizes that the person who can compete with Emperor Ji is not Jiang Suxin and his ilk, but Yinglong, who claims to be a man of justice for heaven.

There are tombkeepers all over the human race. Whoever Emperor Ji supports, the tombkeepers will oppose.
When it came to the territory of Xuanlong, Wuzhou, and Xiongchu, Emperor Ji spent a lot of money to give Qinglong the right to speak.
At first, Emperor Ji was very optimistic about Xuanlong. The Zhao family was unruly and turned a blind eye to Emperor Ji’s kindness. They only regarded Daxia as a warehouse for logistical supplies. When the money was gone, they wanted money. When people were gone, they wanted people. If they didn’t give it, they would make trouble. .
He left immediately after taking the things, which made Emperor Ji very embarrassed.
To put the facts in perspective, even though Emperor Ji had no good intentions, it was the Zhao family’s fault to show shame.
For a time, Lu Bei became even more curious about white hair.
Closer to home, Xuanlong did not want to be a pawn for Emperor Ji, so Emperor Ji installed Qi Yan, hoping that Qi Yan’s Ji would take his place, accumulate national power and build up foundation, and become a regional power that could replace Xuanlong.
After that, it’s hard to describe. I can only say that Qi Yan has her own national conditions.
Qi Yan is just a younger brother, who is on par with Wu Zhou and cannot be helped up at all.
According to Qinglong, it’s not that Emperor Ji hasn’t considered Wu Zhou.
In short, Xiongchu, who has lost his bloodline curse, has a bright future and a thousand-year-old dynasty with great fortune. The men in the Gu family’s team are tall and the women are handsome. All of them are good-looking, well-spoken and have great investment value.
Ever since, there was this conflict between the two countries. Xiongchu took the initiative to stir up trouble and pressed forward step by step, squeezing Xuanlong’s living space.
/The war is now decided, because of someone’s interference, it has ended before it even started.
Qinglong dumped the blame on the spot, she had her own plan, Xuanwu didn’t agree, it’s easy to say, you can take care of it from now on.
Later, conflicts occurred between the four kingdoms of Xuanlong, Xiongchu, Wuzhou, and Qiyan. Lu Bei had the support of Daxia on the bright side, and secretly had the identity of the tomb guard Xuanwu. The two-pronged approach was enough to suppress the situation.
Lu Bei: (一`′一)
What do you mean, it looks like he was used at gunpoint?
The old monk used him as a spearman. He could understand that Xiongchu didn’t want to fight. Why did Qinglong throw the blame on him? What good would this do to Emperor Ji?
Lu Bei’s head was filled with questions, and he looked up to the sky. There seemed to be something on the back of his head.
/Because it was not important, he simply lay down and continued to explore the information in the jade slips. There was not much left, only a warning from Qinglong.
The four elephants of Qinglong, White Tiger, Suza