u Peng’s thrust. He was an upright master, and he was decisive in killing. , Zhu Peng’s vertical and horizontal killing sword was launched with all his strength for the first time. In just one thrust, he showed a fierce aura of holding the country in his hands, having millions behind him, and sending cavalry to attack the enemy camp.

Zhu Yun is right. Holding the life and death honors and disgrace of millions of people has indeed accumulated infinite momentum for Zhu Peng. This sword is in perfect harmony with Zhu Peng’s life experience. Therefore, he can use it to the best of his ability. Powerful power, again, there may be the most powerful techniques in this world, but the most powerful techniques may not be the most suitable for you.
/Zhu Yun’s sword fingers covered Zhu Peng’s vital points in a circle, but he was completely unable to pierce Zhu Peng’s Zhongzheng sword. This is the shortcoming of the simple sword method. It often requires the master’s movement and skills. Only with complete coordination of spells and even consciousness can you create a flaw in the enemy’s swordsmanship and kill him with a quick sword. If you stand there and watch the moves, can the evil-sword-killing sword still be comparable to the righteous swordsmanship of the same level? If it were possible, swordsmanship in the world would no longer be divided into good, evil, hegemony, and skill.
Because Zhu Peng’s direct sword attack is simple but orthodox without any flaws. No matter how Zhu Yun stabs, he will be intercepted and passive. Therefore, Zhu Yun did not strike a sword until the edge of Zhu Peng’s palm sword was gone. When the sword was about to hit the vital point of Zhu Yun’s stomach, and the power of the sword was almost exhausted, Zhu Yun’s entire figure became ethereal and disappeared like smoke. This was not an illusion, but a terrifying speed of escape. Zhu Peng’s sword stabbed with concentration, and it suddenly fell into the air.
Chapter 449: Change between life and death, fate depends on the heart
/And at the moment when Zhu Peng’s sword power was exhausted and normally it would be impossible to change his moves, Zhu Yunyouzi’s figure appeared behind Zhu Peng like a ghostly phantom. It was not until this moment that Zhu Peng’s figure before holding the sword completely disappeared. His speed is nothing. The most terrifying thing is that his escape method is so wonderful that he can even pull and deceive people in a short time.
Appearing behind Zhu Peng, he slapped Zhu Peng on the shoulder with his free hand. If this palm hit, Zhu Peng would naturally be defeated. Moreover, in order to demonstrate his killing sword spirit, Zhu Yun did not move to the foundation-building realm. Although the strength of the strong man has not changed in terms of vision and realm, in terms of his own mobilizable strength, he is not higher than Zhu Peng. In other words, if Zhu Peng is defeated at this time, he will be defeated by a Qi Refining Realm. The killing swordsman also shows that the “Vertical and Horizontal Killing Sword” is far