peror Ji”

Lu Bei shook his head in disdain, and bowed to the sky with his righteous and loyal hands: “Give up, Xuan has accepted Ying Long as his eldest brother. This is to follow the will of heaven, and this body will do justice for heaven. There is nothing to talk about with him.”
Qinglong took out a scroll calmly and said: “Yinglong is not worthy of trust. His selfishness and ambition are greater than the sky. He is not following the will of heaven.”
Lu Bei was stunned when he saw this, touched up and down, and also took out a scroll: “It’s ridiculous, Brother Yinglong is not worthy of trust, but Emperor Ji is trustworthy?”
After saying that, he rushed to unfold the scroll before Qinglong did.
With the injection of magic power, the man in the scroll inviting the moon to drink with him came to life. He picked up the wine glass and drank in one gulp.
The painting style is slightly sloppy, causing the facial features to be blurred, and the figure can be seen hazy under the moon, not a condensed entity.
Jing Wensheng.
Like the Sutra of Abandonment, Tatezanmon ascended soon after establishing his lineage.
Of course, Jing Wensheng is not invincible, and his methods of fighting with others are still far behind those of Abandoned Sutra.
Seeing this phantom, Qinglong was stunned for a moment. Lu Bei saw it and said with a smile: “Don’t you think this painting is mediocre? The person in the painting can be wiped out with just a wave of his hand. I’m not afraid to tell you that they are all deceiving people.” Illusion. This Jing Pavilion master is so advanced that my eldest brother Yinglong will retreat when he sees him. Before it’s too late, tell me everything you know.”
“I didn’t underestimate this person, it was Xuanwu who you underestimated.”
Qinglong sighed, probably speechless, threw away the scroll in his hand, and then his figure faded and disappeared completely.
Emperor Ji said that when he and Lu Bei met, no one was allowed to disturb them.
Neither can Qinglong.
Under Lu Bei’s stunned gaze, Jing Wensheng took the scroll and slowly unfolded it. A bit of spiritual light emerged from the scroll and went straight into the center of his eyebrows.
Lu Bei: (一`′一)
What does it mean? Can anyone with common sense explain it?
With the spiritual light entering his body, Jing Wensheng’s scrawled painting style instantly became refined, his facial features were impeccably handsome, his eyes were as deep as the sea, and he had a faint smile, which was as reassuring as the spring breeze and drizzle.
Who do you think you are, a mediocre Mahayana period, worthy of being compared with Liu Shen?
/Also, who are you?
Jing Wensheng accepted the information recorded on the aura and woke up after a moment of confusion. He looked at Lu Bei up and down for a while and said straight to the point: “Does Master Lu know that there is a kind of person who is disliked by heaven and earth and is called a person abandoned by heaven?”
“Are you Ji Chang?!”
Lu Bei’s eyelids twitched and he picked up a scroll. It was actually re