eter. He glanced intently at the half of her beautiful face covered by the white gauze, and smiled slightly, as if he was an old couple who had not seen each other for many days.

Nuwa frowned slightly and was very unhappy about this.
It’s not you after all!
Lu Bei sighed in his heart, bowed and took half a step back to show respect: “I want your Majesty to help introduce a leader. If I can let him accept me as his disciple, I will write a book and talk about it from now on.”
“Why can’t I be your teacher if you are the leader of a religion?”
This woman has such a strong competitive spirit. She has been putting up with Daji for a while, right?
Lu Bei murmured in his heart, suspecting that Nuwa had a magic mirror and could shine it three times a day.
Nuwa: Magic Mirror, Magic Mirror, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?
Magic Mirror: Su Daji.
Nuwa: Get the demon flag!
Then Su Daji died, and Nuwa didn’t throw an apple, but a fox.
“Why is the human king so silent? Does he really look down on me?”
Nuwa was even more dissatisfied. Not only was she very competitive, she also had a bad temper. She could fall out of favor faster than turning the page in a book.
/“My Majesty is joking. If I can become a wise teacher like my Majesty, it’s not too late for me to be happy.”
Lu Bei hurriedly explained and sincerely praised: “It is true that the empress is boundless in charm. She is surrounded by all the beauties in the world. She has countless beauties in the harem. It is difficult to stop the empress’ stunning appearance. To prevent herself from being humiliated in the future, it would be more appropriate to find another famous teacher.” .”
It was a bit teasing, but Nuwa felt very comfortable listening to it and liked to tell the truth, so she could do more.
Lu Bei saw this and added to Nuwa’s original label of being arrogant, competitive, bad-tempered, petty, face-saving, and cruel, and added the label of being a good complimenter and liking to be patted on the butt.
That’s good. He likes partners like this. Only a shameless abandoner is troublesome.
My dear Taoist, I hope there is no abandonment sutra among the gods!
“Which leader does the human king want to worship as his teacher?”
“Jiejiao, Lord Tongtian.”
“Oh, why him?”
The smile in Nuwa’s eyes grew stronger. As she expected, King Zhou indeed knew many secrets.
“The great catastrophe is coming, and the Yin Shang Dynasty may be in danger of destroying the country. Among the three religions, the Jie Sect is also in danger of being destroyed. The leader of Guhe Tongtian Sect will definitely be able to hit it off.” Lu Bei followed with a smile.
“That’s wrong!”
Nuwa shook her head: “The Ten Thousand Immortals of the Jie Jiao came to court, and there were countless capable people. Taoist Taoist Tongtian even had the Four Swords of the Immortal Killing at his side. The Four Sages had to set up the sword formation to kill the Immortal. The Four Saints had a long history of luck. How could there be any danger of destruction? ?”
She admitted that the