d and cannot be more stable.

Seeing this situation, everyone’s hearts were relieved, except for Zhan Lexian and Lin Buyan. After breathing a sigh of relief, they began to pray again.
God was so blind that he didn’t kill him!
Maybe it was because the two of them were too sincere, maybe because God had been dissatisfied with Lu Bei for a while, Lei Yun regained his momentum and reached the previous peak in an instant.
Break through the bottleneck and rise again and again.
The five elephants occupied the southeast, northwest and northwest of the Thunder Sea, and their rolling pressure spread endlessly. The void was shattered into pieces, and the place to overcome the tribulation in Lubei directly turned into a dark abyss.
He raised his head in astonishment, his eyes looking at the sky full of shock.
/The Immortality Grass has actually failed. Did you promise that you would be able to survive the disaster 100%?
The sea of ??thunder exploded, and the terrifying will locked down.
Lu Bei’s body tensed up, his eyes suddenly narrowed to the point of a needle, and an unprecedented sense of crisis hit his heart.
No, this is the old president driving people away, something big is coming.
No, it’s already here.
Visible to the naked eye, the four spirits of heaven gathered in the center, Yinglong carried the power of the five elements, and his body of a hundred feet expanded infinitely.
The divine dragon was roiling in the sea of ??clouds, with two wings on its back that covered the sky and the sun. The incarnation of pure energy had condensed countless thunderbolts. Just one look at each other from a distance made Lu Bei’s eyes sting and shed tears.
We can’t delay it any longer and attack it, otherwise we will be dead.
He roared like a tiger, transformed into a golden electric light and went straight to the center of Ying Long’s brows. The immortal sword intention wrapped around the fist, gathering the innate energy, Zhenzi, Killing Heart Heaven, Wandering Heart Heaven, and Purifying World Heaven, and used the method of dragon slaying to directly blast. And out.
/Behind him, there is Yinglong standing in the middle palace, and the blue dragon, white tiger, Suzaku, and Xuanwu lead the twenty-eight stars.
Lu Bei used the five elements against the five elements to break through the unstoppable thunder net, penetrated Yinglong’s eyebrows, and rushed into the endless thunder.
Ahead, the giant eye of the thunder whirlpool.
A will swept down.
boom! ! !
After a brief pause, the purple thunder pillar bombarded Lu Bei and fell into the sky, falling into the abyss and crushing the void.
In the boundless space, there is nothing to know.
Purple thunder and lightning swept across the small world, destroying the sun, moon and stars, flattening the sky and the earth, and waves of world destruction raged down.
The purple light flow was unstoppable until
In the depths of the sea, the holy white lotus fainted and opened the light curtain, stopping the torrent from moving forward. The earthquake characters moved sidewa