ther shareholder retorted.

“We are fully prepared for David’s counterattack. We are just afraid that if he doesn’t come, we won’t be able to go back if he comes!” a shareholder said forcefully.
The shareholders were discussing one by one. President Bridges, who was sitting in the chair, frowned as he listened. All shareholders focused on the impact and consequences, and no one wanted to solve the problem.
“Everyone, we are not discussing this today. I invited you here to completely solve David’s trouble. We can’t let him grow anymore!” President Bridges raised his head to signal everyone to be quiet, and then said.
“It took fifteen extraordinary crystals to hire Melville Chaofan. Now that Melville Chaofan has died because of this task, the price for another Chaofan will increase. If we hire two Chaofan, how many extraordinary crystals will be needed?” A shareholder asked hesitantly. .
Shareholders present don’t have to worry about credit points, because their Ertuo Fund is earning credit points every day, and it doesn’t matter how big the amount is. However, the extraordinary crystal is different. It cannot be purchased with credit points at all, and can only be purchased through some treasures. exchange.
That’s why this shareholder hesitates because the price is too high.
David was standing outside the president’s conference room at this time. Although the door was thick, he could still hear the sounds inside clearly.
He waved his hand, and the Shadow Attendant took out the customized exoskeleton armor for him from the space items, as well as the third-grade heavy ax and the customized super-large-caliber sniper rifle.
David put on his armor and put on military equipment right at the door of the conference room.
None of the security personnel sitting in the surveillance room noticed anything unusual about him, because David was nowhere to be seen in the surveillance video.
/In order to hold this secret shareholder meeting, President Bridges transferred everyone on the forty-sixth floor, so except for the six shareholders on the forty-sixth floor, there was no one from the Erto Fund.
Of course, the reason why President Bridges dared to do this was because he believed in his security system.
David controls the weapon system through his face mask. He is operating two heavy laser cannons. This is an energy weapon system for very large spaceships. As long as there is enough time to accumulate energy, it can destroy almost any target in front of the laser beam.
This is also the most powerful weapon on the entire Erto satellite. There are only six heavy laser cannons on the entire satellite, and only these two heavy laser cannons can attack the vicinity.
The abnormality of the heavy laser cannon was discovered by the staff. They looked up to the sky, thinking that something unusual had happened.
But nothing appeared in the sky. Some staff wanted to report to their superiors, but found that communication was interrupted and they could not contact anyone at all.
The two heavy laser cannons began to turn slo