y, and the plotter has no intention. Tang Luan, you are really cruel. You even concocted such words in order to win. After all, I am your biological sister.” Following the cold and sinister words, the surroundings The fierce claws in the hurricane were a little more powerful, and every inch of air around Tang Luan seemed to be cutting him. Most of the high-grade treasure armor was broken at this moment, revealing the flying and dancing man inside. The long black hair and the resolute and handsome masculine face.

“I didn’t lie to you. In fact, with your wisdom, you should have understood it a long time ago. With the status of the master at that time, what kind of woman could not come and go as soon as she was recruited? What’s more, the master has already gone to seclusion for intensive cultivation. I haven’t been close to a woman in more than three hundred years. I have a pure heart and a pure mind. How could I suddenly be violent to you?
At that time, besides Master, I was the only other man in the Huangling Dao Tomb. You should have figured it out a long time ago, but you are still unwilling to think about it and face it. “Every word pierced Tang Li’s heart like a sharp knife. Even though she clearly knew that Tang Luan’s words contained the effect of the “Five Yun Yin Killing Technique”, the impact on her that night was too great. , with a little push, she had to think about it and couldn’t stop thinking about it.
At that time, Tang Li used his hatred for the rape of his master as motivation to form a golden elixir. Although through various nine-yin secret methods, the elixir was still the top-grade “Unshakable Evil Heart” elixir, but this secret method was formed through various means. At the same time, the golden elixir also means that the relative flaws in Tang Li’s golden elixir can no longer be repaired: as long as one day she no longer hates her master Huang Shang, then her golden elixir will be self-defeating – this is walking away. The inevitable price to pay for the evil path.
At this moment, Tang Luan’s words were a blow to Tang Li. Even though reason clearly controlled his emotions, thoughts were still flooding his mind. The external manifestation was Tang Li’s desire for the giant black whirlwind. The control is getting weaker and weaker, and the overflowing wind is scattered. Although it seems to be more powerful and louder, the actual lethality is actually weaker.
/“It wasn’t you that night, it definitely wasn’t yours. I remember it clearly. It was that bastard, that beast Huang Shang raped me that night. I remember it clearly. Even in ten or nine lifetimes, I will never forget what he brought to me that night. Why do you have to bear the blame for him for all the humiliation?” At the end of his words, Tang Li no longer covered up his figure, he simply showed up and shouted at Tang. The memory in her mind kept flickering and changing with the effect of the “Five Yun Yin Killing Technique”. The memory that was once so clear was now difficult to distinguish the real protagonist. Tang Li covered his