nk I’ll just forget it.”

“Forget it, what are you talking about? Can the dignity of the Star Alliance be offended casually? Who gave you the Tongxian Chamber of Commerce such great power? A mere deacon dares to do whatever he wants. You think Xueyue City is your family’s business? Yes!”
Wang Meng said coldly, “These guys seem to be used to bullying others. The big thing could be over with just one sentence. If they weren’t strong enough, Linglong still doesn’t know what her end would be.”
He Dong has always been holding back. He is used to running rampant in Xueyue City. He has always bullied others, and he has never been bullied before.
“What a bullshit messenger, you’re just a little brat from the temple. I’ll kill you.”
Suddenly he looked at Wang Meng with an axe, and it happened quickly at a close distance. He Dong was a physical practitioner, and he was also at the level of Xiao Yuan Perfect. He really had a shocking aura. He was so angry just after being almost killed by Wang Meng’s life weapon. It was exactly Time for revenge.
No one reacted to the sudden attack, but Zhang Mang remained silent, as if he expected such a scene.
A huge lock appeared in mid-air, directly locking He Dong in mid-air. The huge lock suddenly closed, and He Dong’s expression changed drastically.
Wang Meng smiled slightly, “The first time he was considered ignorant, but now he is adding insult to injury.”
He Dong fell from his mouth. He was on guard against Wang Meng’s spiritual finger, but he didn’t expect that Wang Meng had other life weapons.
Confused heart lock!
/This is Junior Brother Ji Wanli’s life weapon, and Wang Meng can imitate it to the best of his ability.
This kind of ability-based life weapon is more difficult to copy than a pure attack weapon like the Lingxi Finger, but it is enough to deal with someone like He Dong.
“Wang Meng, what do you want?”
“Teach him a lesson, or do you think I shouldn’t teach him a lesson?”
Wang Meng stared at Zhang Mang with a stern look in his eyes. Only then did the other person truly realize that he was facing a Star Alliance envoy, not just a young monk.
/Zhang Mang gritted his teeth and said, “Let’s go!”
The monk behind him immediately lifted up He Dong and the ice sculpture, and the group of people ran away in despair.
“You should kill them!” Linglong said coldly.
Wang Meng was stunned. This was Xueyue City after all, and the Tongxian Chamber of Commerce was quite impressive. It was enough to teach them a lesson. If they really wanted to kill them all, something big would happen.
When things got to this point, the wine was no longer drinkable. The three of them paid the bill and left. Wang Meng also learned about the situation. It turned out that one of Xu Huang’s comrades was seriously injured and needed an elixir urgently. The material was expensive, so he had no choice but to do so. Then Xu Huang went to borrow it, but the Tongxian Chamber of Commerce borrowed it at a high interest rate, and the five hundred spirit stones doubled in less than half a year.