see and understand the world, even if she cannot escape in the end. Destiny, at least, is your own choice.”

“Linglong is very willful. She may cause a lot of trouble by following you. You may reconsider.”
“Lao Tu, although I, Wang Meng, am not a big shot, I will definitely take responsibility for what I have said!”
“Haha, this is best. I read you right. I’ll leave the rest to you.”
Tu Mu smiled.
/“what’s up?”
“Convince Linglong to go with you.” Tu Mu smiled slyly. Wang Meng was depressed, why are all the old guys so good? He fell into the pit again.
The proudest race, the dragon princess, is such a difficult master to serve, but Wang Meng can only grit his teeth now.
As a man, you can’t just back down.
Tu Mu was very relaxed. After explaining the matter, he disappeared without knowing where he was.
/In the world of giant dragons, Wang Meng walked towards the palace of Longya. This was a world full of tyrannical aura and vitality. From time to time, giant dragons could be seen traveling through the space.
It’s unimaginable that these tyrannical creatures, which are rarely seen outside, would be so peaceful here.
In the ordinary Xiaoqian Realm, if any creature enters the dragon’s area, it will definitely be violently attacked, but the dragons here seem much more rational. Maybe they know very well that this is not their territory, but the dragon clan’s.
Just as they were about to reach Dragon Cliff, a giant dragon circled over with dazzling lightning all over its body.
The dragon’s eyes stared at Wang Meng, the dragon’s claws swam, and the surging dragon energy enveloped a hundred miles in radius. Wang Meng could feel that the space he was in had been blocked by lightning.
This is a dragon that can control lightning.
In Longya’s palace, Linglong stood at the window and looked outside quietly.
“Since you are the one chosen by my father, you can at least pass this test.”
The five-clawed white dragon controlling lightning looked at Wang Meng, and suddenly a lightning net formed a lightning net to block Wang Meng.
Wang Meng understood the meaning, and the dragon in front of him showed contempt.
A giant dragon like this is more tyrannical than a human Dzogchen. It is normal to be arrogant. If it weren’t for the aura of the Dragon King in his body, this kind of human would have been destroyed long ago.
The lightning net made Wang Meng retreat.
Wang Meng smiled slightly, the Dragon Clan was indeed superior, but it was not the most superior in the world.
Wang Meng’s hand slowly touched the lightning net that was just around the corner to intimidate him. With the control of lightning, he could shape this powerful force to this point. The dragon clan was indeed powerful.
The tyrannical current surged into Wang Meng’s body, and Linglong in the Dragon Palace was also stunned. She just asked Bai Long to scare the other person, but she didn’t expect that this person would go so far as to touch him. This lightning power would even hurt Dzogchen.
Once the lightning found a breakthrough, it swarmed in