if the Taiyin Sect does not take action, or if it is in vain, we will act according to the plan. If the Taiyin Sect takes action, it will be a happy event for us if it is in vain!”

Ji Wanli’s eyes sparkled with wisdom. To live, you must use your brain.
How can someone who only knows how to fight with brute force stand out in this world? What he wants to learn is the Star Alliance. The combination of strength and wisdom forms domination.
“Okay, Wan Li’s idea is very good. If we can find a way to extend our lives, we, the Wan Ling Sect, will not have to worry about succeeding in our great cause!”
The Wanling Sect originally had some secret methods that could absorb the life force from spirit beasts, but after all, it only treats the symptoms but not the root cause. Mo Chen was brought back to life after his life was exhausted, and he had the opportunity to sprint to the third level of the Great Perfection. This was simply unsatisfactory for their level. Can’t believe it.
You know, the stronger the strength, the lower the chance of miracles. When we reach Dzogchen, everyone will have their destiny.
If Dzogchen is immortal, you can imagine how powerful a sect will become.
This trick kills two birds with one stone, quite perfect.
“Xiuzi, what are the Taiyin Sect doing?”
“True Mother, the Taiyin Sect has been hiding the news, but something strange suddenly happened yesterday.” Mu Xiuzi was a little hesitant.
The True Mother of All Spirits was slightly displeased, “Why are you so hesitant about something?”
“True Mother, something is strange. The taiyin wheel rings ten times to welcome guests, but the person who welcomes them is a holy disciple…”
The purple-clothed spiritual master himself felt baffled.
“A disciple of the Holy Cultivator, if you play the harp ten times, you are still at the level of a sect leader.”
The True Mother of All Spirits is a little angry. Her subordinates are getting less and less good at doing things. This kind of deception can also be deceived.
Mu Xiuzi hurriedly knelt aside, “The disciples don’t believe that the true mother is angry, but that person does have some background. His name is Wang Meng, and he is a disciple of the Holy Cultivator who was recently promoted to the Star Alliance together with Ming Ren.”
“Even members of the Star Alliance are nothing in the eyes of the Taiyin Sect.” The True Mother of All Spirits said calmly.
Ji Wanli suddenly felt something in his heart. He likes to show off his power outside, but that is for others to see. People must have weaknesses, otherwise your enemies will only dig deeper into you.
/“True Mother, if it’s Wang Meng, there’s something wrong with this!”
Ji Wanli said cautiously.
The True Mother of All Spirits still attached great importance to Ji Wanli’s words, “Reason.”
“The disciples did some research on Ming Ming and Wang Meng. This person’s Holy Light Demonic Collapse Body had already awakened when he was in his thirties. It’s very surprising. Although he is a disciple of the Temple, he seems to be The spies of the Ten Thous