u, potato chips”

“Then I ordered another portion of tripe, two portions of kelp and bamboo shoots.”
“Yes, there are mostly vegetarian dishes.”
“It’s so spicy.”
The camera turned, and over the Great Wall, Lu Bei came to check in as scheduled.
He made a scissor hand gesture and looked up at the sky. The sky was filled with wind and clouds, and a whirlpool of clouds turned into a one-eye.
/Equipped with a lightning bolt to prevent backlighting.
After Lu Bei finished clocking in, he raised his hand and touched his chin. Tiandao could come and go freely in Blue Star. It was certain that this place had entered the coverage of Tiandao on the Kyushu Continent.
Speaking of which, although he felt that the revival of spiritual energy was a good thing, he did not think that Blue Star could adapt to the laws of cultivating immortals in the Nine Provinces Continent, at least in the first two to three hundred years.
Adapting to the new era means that the old pattern will be broken, and changes will occur in every corner of life. What people will get is not only the possibility of immortality, but also the hesitation and confusion in the drastic changes, and the most intuitive death.
This is even worse.
Lu Bei thought for a while, maybe he would not cause harm to Blue Star, and could use the Great Seal of the Emperor of Heaven to set a rule not to kill innocent people indiscriminately, but he could control perfect immortals and ordinary immortal cultivators, but he could not control a few invincibles.
Especially Huangdi and Yi in the middle palace.
Especially the Sutra of Abandonment. In his heart, he has no feelings for all living beings. When he becomes interested, his destructive power far exceeds that of Huangdi and Ruixianghe in the middle palace.
We have to find a way to protect our fellow villagers and not let our homes be bombed.
/His figure flashed and disappeared.
At the same time, on the top of the Kunlun Mountains in the Kyushu Continent, Ji Emperor Ji Chang completed the unification of all human countries two days ago, and Daxia returned after thousands of years.
Everyone is waiting for Ji Chang’s next move to see what rules he will enact to govern the country after unifying the human race.
If nothing is done, Daxia’s return will be completely meaningless.
The layout is smaller.
Most of these onlookers are the original royal families of various countries. They cannot understand the meaning of the unification of the entire human race. What Ji Chang wants is not the country, nor does he have the fighting spirit to compete with the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom. What he pursues is the Lord of Humanity.
Yinglong and Jihuang, two contemporaries of the ninth incarnation of the Great Heavenly Lord, each embarked on a different path. Yinglong struggled and did what he knew he couldn’t do, but Jihuang did not have the courage to risk everything and followed the path of his ancestors. , seeking eternity in human nature to fight against immortality.
In the past, he was confident that he could fight the