n into nothingness and recovered? That also requires a main body. Meng Ningzi is directly killing the main body.

Yi Qinwen’s face turned from green to white, what a perverted Shen Gong
Jia Yuan’s eyes fluctuated, the corners of his eyes twitched, and he sighed: “As expected of the Eight Sages of the Great Zhou Dynasty. I was not convinced before, but now I am.”
Meng Ningzi stood up with her bow drawn, and said, “Thank you very much, I’ll have to look at Brother Jin Lang next time.”
Wang Meng smiled and said, “Okay, no problem, but let me lead the way.”
Meng Ningzi joined the team just to see the Golden Wolf take action again. The last time on the 28th floor of the Conferred God Tower, everything happened so fast that it was difficult to judge the limit of the Golden Wolf’s strength. Judging from the situation at that time, It is vaguely possible that he is at the level of Qi Jue, but according to Ni Yong, Jin Lang should be a young man, and Ni Yong never makes mistakes about his age. Why does he pretend to be mature?
Coupled with Zhang Yang’s incident, she wanted to confirm again what level Wang Meng’s strength was.
After hearing the conditions agreed by Wang Meng, Meng Ningzi nodded lightly and gave up her leading position.
Wang Meng stood in front for a long time
Meng Ningzi’s forehead turned a little dark, “Brother Jin Lang, why aren’t you leaving?”
“I’m looking at the road.” Wang Zhenren will not admit the truth that he actually doesn’t know the road.
Meng Ningzi took a deep breath and said: “Continue walking one mile further and you will reach the Black Stone Forest. After passing the Black Stone Forest, you will reach the mouth of Yongwu Gorge.”
Travel all the way.
“Brother Jinlang, are you going astray?” Meng Ningzi reminded Wang Meng. Meng Ningzi had discovered that someone’s sense of direction was really not that bad.
“Is there any? I think the fog here should be lighter, and there might be something good there.”
Wang Meng smiled and continued to move forward. Meng Ningzi frowned, tightened her grip on the divine bow in her hand, and followed.
Jia Yuan, Yi Qinwen and others smiled wryly, their eyes flickering, and followed them cautiously.
/“Ah! Isn’t this the Ten Thousand Shadow Fruit? One, two, three, forty-one, there are actually eleven of them!” Suddenly, Yi Qinwen pointed at the fruit on a strange tree and shouted excitedly.
“Quick, quick, quick! Who brought a jasper bottle? You can’t pick Wanying Fruit by hand, you can only pick it with jade cuttings.” Jia Yuan coughed and shouted excitedly. The two sisters Yi Jingyi and Yi Jingyue rushed over immediately. He went up and carefully placed the fruits.
Meng Ningzi was stunned for a moment, she really met something good.
Eleven Wanying Fruits were plucked from the tree. Wang Meng, who was responsible for leading the way, got three of them, Meng Ningzi got two, and the rest happened to be one for each of them.
/After dividing the Wanying Fruit, Wang Meng adjusted his direction and continued to move forward.
After a moment, Meng Ningzi fr