, it also allows the monks to have more fantastic ideas and richer combat experience.

This is unmatched in the Zhongqian Realm.
As soon as they saw the power of yin and yang in Jin Lang’s hands, everyone’s heart skipped a beat. How could this happen?
How can a monk directly use the power of yin and yang? ? ?
The eyes of the Samsara Immortal Lord even twitched. He is known as the Samsara Immortal Lord and can drive the power of reincarnation for his own use, but he cannot generate the power of reincarnation.
But the one in front of me directly controls Yin and Yang?
“Seeking death!” Samsara Immortal Lord doesn’t care about that. No matter what method he masters, it can’t be compared with his long heritage.
Six hundred and eighty seven, the new emperor is born
The true energy went wild, the Samsara Immortal Lord put his hands together, and the reincarnation body began to rotate. At this time, the Samsara Immortal Lord also showed his true ability.
His method of driving yin and yang comes from the fact that he is a contradictory body of water and fire, which is somewhat similar to the reincarnation of yin and yang. It has to be said that the Samsara Immortal Lord is indeed a strong man of the previous generation. This kind of contradictory physique is originally difficult to achieve, but he just succeeded. He developed a unique reincarnation technique and found a way to control the power of reincarnation, which further made him famous.
But we are facing a serious challenge.
The power of reincarnation began to surge towards the Samsara Immortal Lord. The five elements of water and fire formed an inner cycle, while the outside was entangled with a great cycle of the power of yin and yang.
There are some small tricks, using the same contradictory power to pull, which is essentially a bit of a secret, enough to scare most monks, but it cannot be hidden from Wang Meng, nor can it be hidden from someone like the Fire Emperor who has reached the pinnacle in a field. people.
At their level, they only recognize one kind of person, and that is the control of order.
Otherwise, no matter how powerful you are, you will still be a scumbag.
This is also the reason why the Reincarnation Immortal Lord has never been able to reach a higher level. He has not truly mastered the power of yin and yang reincarnation, otherwise he would definitely become the Sixth Emperor. “I’ll show you the real Yin-Yang magical power, you’re a sensationalist!”
/The world is still under the control of the Samsara Immortal Lord, and a big sword is formed in the hands of the Samsara Immortal Lord. This is the Yin-Yang Reincarnation Slash that the Samsara Immortal Lord claims to be invincible!
Wang Meng watched quietly and shook his head slightly. It seemed that he still didn’t understand.
“Damn, Golden Wolf is a bit too much, why don’t you get him down now!” Zhang Yang curled his lips.
“Water and fire borrow yin and yang, and yin and yang merge with water and fire. It is indeed exquisite. This sword is not trivial and cannot be taken.”
Yan Lu