nts Body was troublesome enough, but now he knows how happy it is.

And if this body dies, Wang Meng’s soul will also disappear. This is the most terrifying part of the law of heaven.
If he stayed in the Small Thousand Realm, Heaven would not be able to do anything to him.
Pouting his lips, Wang Meng rubbed his face, looked at the sky, and suddenly smiled, so what!
/I’m already here, let’s ride on the donkey and read the songbook and see!
A loud noise suddenly reached my ears, deafening!
At the same time, the originally surging energy suddenly converged and disappeared.
Yuan Shen Wang Meng, who was absorbing this energy, was stunned for a moment. His Yuan Shen’s consciousness was released, and he “saw” the two masters with divine power surging throughout their bodies!
Frankly speaking, in terms of strength, these two are still not good enough. Wang Meng in his heyday could easily kill them.
The Life Wheel is one level higher than the Life Mark, but the vitality here is not as strong as expected. On the contrary, it is much thinner. It has to be said that the level is high and the strength is weak. The laws of heaven really try their best to deal with him.
When he first arrived, Master Wang looked at them honestly for a while. Judging from Wang Rencai’s experience, these two people were definitely not trivial. They should be the first-class masters in this plane. Master Wang also watched with gusto. Know yourself and the enemy and you will be victorious in any battle. He wants to Joining forces with the brothers in the divine world, I don’t want to tragically die in a place like this.
The destiny wheel of the divine dynasty is divided into five realms, the mysterious wheel realm, the earth wheel realm, the heavenly wheel realm, the rushing god realm, and the god transformation realm.
The strength displayed by these two people at this time, in terms of divine power, one is the most pure power of fire, and the other is the most refined power of water, both of which have reached the ultimate level of divine power.
I’m afraid he is a master of the Divine Transformation Realm, quite sophisticated.
But all methods are interlinked. If the skill is still there, Wang Meng is very interested in learning the strength of these two people, but now it is best for him to run as far as possible.
But the problem is that thinking is one thing and doing it is another. The fight between the two has the potential to break the world, and Zhenren Wang is the fish in the pond that is affected.
Wang Meng knew clearly that these two people had already shown a real fire. The surging divine power is restrained, but it is intended for the ultimate explosion. This is the calm before the storm.
/At this time, the Water Emperor and the Fire Emperor were both suffering. For this reason, under the guidance of “Position”, the two of them had fallen into a deadlock of either you die or I die. Even if you want to stop, you can’t. No matter who closes it a little faster, they may be eroded by the other’s divine power. With the two