At such a close distance, Shadow Attendant could feel the power of the war horse, and even David had a feeling that the power of the war horse far exceeded his own strength.
On top of the war horse is a knight in armor. The knight’s face is hidden by a full-coverage helmet, and his expression cannot be seen.
The whole body armor is very similar to the horse armor. It is also made of third-grade materials and has patterns on it, but this armor has more patterns. Small and complicated patterns are all over the entire armor.
A small badge hangs on the knight’s chest, with a small dagger drawn on a shield-shaped blue background.
The knight and the war horse are standing here, and there is a sense of harmony that they are one.
Even David felt that every breath of the knight was consistent with the war horse, and there was an energy circulating between the two.
David didn’t have much time to think, because the time for ‘underground sneaking’ was only one minute, and now there was only fifteen seconds left for him to think about it, otherwise he would have to stay underground for another five minutes, waiting for ‘underground sneaking’ ‘Recovery of abilities.
Perhaps it was beyond the expected time, so the knight was a little impatient. He pushed his visor sharply, revealing a bearded face.
This is the face of a middle-aged man. Except for the slight red color of his eyes, he is no different from the humans of the Interstellar Federation.
At this time, the knight reacted to the many shouts of Staff Officer Chambers. He took out a translator from the pocket on the side of the horse and opened it.
The words spoken by Staff Officer Chambers were translated, and anger appeared on the knight’s face.
He typed a sentence into the translator, and a voice came out of the translator.
/“Shut up!”
Staff Officer Chambers was startled by the sudden sound. He immediately realized that this was the knight’s response, and immediately felt aggrieved and stopped making any sound.
He was in great pain now. He didn’t know how long he would have to wait. He didn’t even know if David would come again.
At the same time, a voice came from the distance, and two extraordinary figures flying in the sky could be vaguely seen.
David saw it through the Shadow Warrior’s eyes, and the knight also sensed the approaching aura in the distance, and he quickly leaned his body tightly against the rock.
This action of the knight made David’s eyes light up. At this moment, David only had five seconds left to move, and he was about to give up the assassination.
But the knight brought his unmasked face close to the rock, giving David a chance.
David entered the rock from underground. This is the real horror of “underground sneaking”.
A passage was also silently opened in the rock for David to pass through freely, and even the approaching knights did not feel it at all.
Two seconds later, the distance between David and the knight was only a thin layer of stone.
/David touched his calf with his hand, and he pulled out the ‘Supernormal A