ess killing, like a mountain or a prison, suddenly burst out between the sky and the sea where the two armies were fighting.

This surging murderous energy instantly triggered and ignited the already full murderous thoughts in the hearts of everyone present. Xixia’s strongest killing method was used without hesitation, although this was not the best moment.
/Amidst the long roars that broke through the sky, the “Heavenly Soldiers of the Northern Song Dynasty”, which had been gathering momentum for a long time, launched a terrible blow together, and the large-scale shock wave nearly tore the space apart. However, the target of the bombardment by both sides was not each other, but the extremely purple and bright sword light startling rainbow.
Ningzi’s sword light suddenly struck, and almost everyone present suddenly felt an almost instinctive threat to their lives. Subsequent facts indeed proved that their feeling was extremely clear.
Purple starlight suddenly appeared from the west, bombarding the world like a fallen star. At first, it was just a hallucination caused by the dispersion of the momentum, but then it was filled with blood and crimson in the world, billowing murderous aura, and the surging evil intention gradually evolved into a veritable one. It’s overwhelming.
Then the purple sword rainbow swept across like lightning, blocking the morning light, tearing the clouds apart, suffocating the sky and making the earth tremble!
Wherever the sword light touched, all the crimson blood turned to purple. In other words, the sea of ??blood and sword intent came from the sky, and the already red sky and sea deepened in color to the point of turning purple.
Under the pressure of the sword, clouds rolled in the sky, the sea surged against the current, the sun and moon lost light, and huge waves rolled into the sky.
/The monks from Yipin Xixia were okay, and they didn’t know much about it, so they weren’t very scared. However, the Taoist and Confucian military commander from the Northern Song Dynasty was so frightened that he peed on the spot. He trembled and uttered the Yinfu scripture:
“The sky sends murderous intentions, and the stars change their places.
The earth emits murderous intent, dragons and snakes rise from the land.
Human beings are murderous, and heaven and earth are in turmoil.
The harmony of heaven and man creates a foundation for all transformations.”
“Run, everyone, run, this is the Heavenly Heart Killing Sword of the Harmony of Heaven and Man, eh”
Holding his chest, he gasped fiercely, and sweat mixed with blood flowed down from the pores all over his body. The Northern Song Dynasty Confucian general who had just returned his feather fan scarf and talked elegantly was vomited blood and seriously injured under this shocking sword rainbow.
He is good at the Confucian art of sincerity and can predict things in advance. However, it is only art and not Tao after all. Therefore, he who saw the future earlier was affected by the intention of the killing sword first, and he was injured internal