becoming a master is extremely slim.

Wang Meng stood in front of Jiuzhe, and there was faint thunder in the sky. He couldn’t help at this time, and his protection was not doting. To survive in any place, you must rely on yourself. Jiuzhe himself understood this, and he had to get through this. Hom.
You have to get through it too!
There is no need for Wang Meng to say this, even 90 percent understands it.
It does all this just for this opportunity to prove that it is possible!
Who said Chirongniao is garbage? Chirongniao can’t advance!
Chirongniao was struggling in pain, and black lightning was constantly emitting from his body. The two sides seemed to be engaged in a fierce confrontation. There seemed to be faint signs of thunder disaster in the sky, but strangely, it was not completely formed. .
Wang Meng looked at Yaokong and sneered in his heart. The True Essence Beast’s transformation from three to five was just a small calamity and did not constitute a big threat. It seemed that the laws of the great law did not want to alert the snake.
Ji Ruyan looked at Wang Meng in disbelief. This Ru, this Ru, this uneducated bastard, at that moment, looking up at the sky, seemed to be as domineering as Yao Bigao.
She even wondered if she had been bewitched.
/In this trance, the Red Bird let out a long cry, and a dazzling green light emitted from its body!
Six hundred and forty-nine, an incredible 10% off!
Six hundred and forty-nine, an incredible 10% off!
The wings shook suddenly, and the black lightning was suppressed. 9 Reading Network advanced!
Wang Meng smiled and sensed that the power of calamity in Chi Rong Bird’s body was not expelled as he wished. Instead, it merged with Chi Rong Bird and became part of Chi Rong Bird’s power. This also made Chi Rong Bird got a real chance to advance.
The Red Bird of Tribulation seems quite interesting!
The red rong bird’s whole body burned, rising out of the fire, like a phoenix.
“This momentum is at its fifth level!”
“No way!”
“Damn, it’s shining. I can actually see the legendary forced ascension, which goes against the will of heaven. Is this Haojing? It is indeed the capital of the gods. I’m convinced!”
Sun Lie was dumbfounded, and all the alchemists knelt down and worshiped devoutly. At this time, Sun Lie was 100% convinced that this was the elder who would always come, even at the level of a protector.
Ji Ruyan’s mind went blank. There must be something wrong with this world.
Wang Meng put away the 10% discount. He had just been promoted and his body was weak and he still needed to cultivate himself. He was too focused just now. Only then did he realize that there were people kneeling on the ground around him. Damn it, did some big shot appear again?
Wang Zhenren has a headache. How much trouble has this guy left for himself?
/However, Wang Meng quickly figured out that they were kneeling on him, so Wang Zhenren ran away immediately, and he accidentally made a big mistake.
Although Wang Meng didn’t know who this transvestite was, he was most likel