were quite proud. They had observed it carefully these days, and only Daoguang Hall was of good quality. The other halls were too bad, but they were , the Holy Church has always won with numbers.

As soon as Yan Yuyue appeared, Wang Meng’s complicated feelings appeared again, but he was not as out of control as he was the first time. He was more in control. In any case, half of his body was inherited from his previous life. He still had a debt, which he must pay back.
/Yan Yuyue felt Wang Meng’s gaze, and when she looked over, Wang Meng had already turned his head.
“Humph, it’s not bad, Tian’er, she is far worse than you!” Liu Mei is a junior sister who firmly supports her.
Yan Yuyue is just a witch, not even as good as one hair of Ma Tianer.
Liu Mei’s voice was not quiet, even if Wang Meng heard it, Wang Meng couldn’t laugh or cry. He also knew that Liu Mei’s character was to protect her shortcomings, but there were some things that could not be forced.
Ma Tian’er pulled her eyebrows, and so did Zhang Xiaojiang. Although he didn’t know the details, Zhang Xiaojiang was the one who could understand his brothers the best. Liu Mei glared at the two of them fiercely. There was nothing he could do about it. What charm did Wang Meng have? Ma Tian’er was stupidly willing to let her boast like this.
Liu Mei once asked a stupid question, that is, if she and Wang Meng were in danger at the same time, who would Zhang Xiaopang save? The damn fat man actually hesitated and did not give an answer in the end.
Qi Guiqi, Liu Mei also knew the loyalty between the two, but no matter how generous the girl was, she was still petty, so she still gave Zhang Zhenren a look for a few days, but she couldn’t stand Zhang Zhenren’s thick-skinned and sweet mouth, so she made him happy.
/Hu Jing was also looking at Yan Yuyue secretly. She had always been curious about what Wang Meng would like, and it turned out to be Yan Yuyue. To be honest, she couldn’t tell anything except the identity of the evil lord’s leader, but she knew Wang Meng very well. Not the kind of person who cares about status.
Wang Meng had a clear view of the expressions of the people around him, but he couldn’t explain it. Although he didn’t know whether what happened to him was from someone else, it was absolutely unprecedented.
Everyone has basically arrived, and the person presiding over the auction in the Shengtang Pavilion is the elder from the main church.
Li Changfu has always managed Shengtang Pavilion. He has a life mark of 40 levels, but his strength is average, but he is still a good man in management.
Li Changfu did not show any prestige in front of the disciples. He knew his position very well. After all, some of the following were destined to become important figures in the temple.
One hundred and eleven bidding
“Haha, everyone is here. Next, the official auction begins. We still follow the old rules and start with the pricing from low to high. The first is the ten-piece fairy grass combination from Baicaotang. This fairy grass combination includes