magic weapons came over, a hemispherical golden light defense array appeared, and a series of roars

After a round of attacks, the prototypes were revealed. Each ascendant occupied a point, and their strength and true energy were condensed together to form a team defense.
Such a brutal attack was completely blocked, and Lin Jinghao breathed a sigh of relief.
Pu Bairong sneered. He wanted to see how far these people could resist.
Putting his hands together, he pressed down on Lin Jinghao. In an instant, the sky came down. Once he used his power, Pu Bairong felt an indescribable sense of satisfaction. His destiny was raised to the limit of the universe, and he felt like he had become a god.
Now he is at the level of a near-god. What does Lin Jinghao mean?
Lin Jinghao also felt the difference in the opponent in front of him. He was completely integrated with the world.
The dragon statue rose into the sky and roared towards Pu Bairong. Pu Bairong also showed surprise. If it were him before, facing such an attack, he would really have a headache.
This dragon statue has reached the extreme of space order. It is completely unfettered, breaking through the heaven and earth, and directly kills Pu Bairong.
It’s a pity that he is no longer what he used to be
Turn your palm into a fist and blast out
Honglong Lu seemed to have reached out his hand and grabbed the dragon statue.
The dragon statue disappears, space travels, the saint, devil and evil unite, the peak is reached, and the space is unparalleled
The dragon statue avoided the giant hand and killed Pu Bairong directly.
Pu Bairong flicked his finger, and with a sound of waves, a series of explosions occurred in the space. The dragon statue was shaken out, but it was only slightly hindered and continued to kill Pu Bairong.
Close at hand, the Dragon God roars and eats his opponent!
/At this time, the Feisheng people had withstood one wave of attacks after another. With the combined efforts of everyone and the mysterious matching of formations, they were able to block the terrifying attacks.
Although the attacks of the monks from the Great Thousand Realm are fierce, they are too messy, and some even mutually reinforcing each other. The effect is very scary, but the lethality is not as powerful as imagined.
The attack weakened slightly, Hu Jing soared into the air, and the goddess statue appeared. Hu Jing, who entered the demigod realm, looked like a real goddess.
At this time, there was a clear cry from the sky, and a huge phoenix descended from the sky, piercing the space and lifting Hu Jing up.
It’s Yang Ying!
Although Yang Ying was imprisoned in Jingshan Temple, he could already convey his power after entering the demigod realm.
In an instant, Hu Jing’s power increased exponentially, and the goddess’s purifying bottle was opened.
Water and fire merge into one – the world is endless and water and fire melt together!
rumble rumble
The destructive power surged out of the goddess’s bottle and blasted towards the group of monks on the opposite sid