s time.

“Brother Fang, please.” Wang Meng said.
Fang Luffy was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that he was in the middle of a competition, how could he be so stunned.
/So what if it’s Wang Meng, the formation can’t be avoided by relying on physical skills, not to mention he has a talisman formation bow!
The Yuan Power surged out. Facing Wang Meng, especially after seeing Wang Meng’s magical power with his own eyes, Fang Luffy did not dare to be careless at all. The nineteenth level of Yuan Power was calm and thick, and the defensive talisman array was immediately launched.
At the same time, he held the Talisman Array Bow in his left hand and the Talisman Compass in his right hand. Seeing that Wang Meng had no reaction, he immediately released a Hunyuan Talisman Array.
The Hunyuan Talisman Array is a very advanced Talisman Array that can resist all kinds of negative control. The Mixed Defense Array is the best defense for those who are around the 20th level of magic cultivation. However, in terms of the level of magic cultivation, Fang Luffy is better than Yao Yuan. superior.
It’s just that the opponent didn’t move. Is it necessary to be like this?
Even the Fire Cloud Hall disciples could see Fang Luffy’s nervousness. Is this Wang Meng that scary?
The Hunyuan Talisman Array combined with the defensive Talisman Array made Fang Luffy feel a little calmer, but he could not give Wang Meng a chance to show off. Wang Meng was good at dealing with sword cultivators, because he himself was a sword cultivator, but it did not mean that he would be the same when facing martial arts cultivators.
Among all kinds of practitioners, martial arts cultivators seem to have the weakest attack power, but in fact they are also the strongest. Sword cultivators may be the most prosperous, but their glory may not last long.
Fang Luffy kept encouraging himself, there was nothing to be afraid of.
The talisman compass appeared in his hand and his Yuan Power was released. Although the levels were similar, Fang Luffy’s Yuan Power fluctuated very vigorously, which was a sign of strong stamina.
All disciples who are qualified to participate in the competition have Yuanli near the tenth level, but the time they enter this level determines the durability and stability of Yuanli. Unless they pass the twentyth level, the Yuanli of one or two levels will not be enough. The level difference is of little use, what matters is the understanding and durability of the spell.
Yao Yuan is a new genius. His characteristic lies in creation, especially the research of magical weapons. However, he cannot be regarded as a complete combatant. However, his creations will bring huge increases in power to others. This is why Song Zhong is full of confidence. full reason.
In a few years, he will also be promoted to the position of elder, and when he becomes an elder, his authority will be very different. He does not need an elder in name only, like Wang Meng. He wants a real elder, one with real power. Seed, and all this was given to him by Zhao T