e boat, that is another situation. However, in random matches, there will be more chances of random results with high Yuanli. Worse.

This kind of matching refers to the winning rate, Yuanli level, and number of battles participated in, including the time spent in the Cultivation Academy. However, no one knows how the Star Alliance set it up, probably because they are afraid that someone will take advantage of the loopholes.
With nine levels of Yuan Power, the real person wants bird eggs again.
Everyone only cares about who is lucky and has no expectations for the battle itself.
Chang Gu was not polite, and he did not want to expose too much of his characteristics. The more he exposed, the easier it would be to be targeted.
In an instant, the sky was filled with light, and a sword energy cut through the space.
Quick Strike Flash Sword!
A dazzling light stabs the opponent, and at this moment the fatal sword has been struck. It is really overkill to deal with the “real person”.
Wang Meng pointed diagonally at the sword below and swung it out instantly. A burst of light burst out from his eyes, feeling the smoothness of the output of Yuanli.
Chang Gu expected that this real person was not very good, but his will was still very firm. If anyone else had lost like him, he would have committed suicide long ago.
There was a sound breaking through the air, and a sword energy blasted out.
Fighting space, quiet
What’s this?
Damn it, damn it! ! !
Why does the sword energy make a curve?
Arc Sword {Qi!
Chang Gu stared at Wang Meng across from him in stunned silence, completely unable to accept such a result.
Aren’t you cheating? ! !
/Arc sword energy? ? ? A tattered sword without any fighting skills, using arc sword energy?
After the candidates were determined, there were only three or two kittens left to look at in the void of the fighting stage. They were just a little unwilling, plus they could watch the killing to make themselves feel better.
But what did they see?
Tianzi-level Star Alliance swordsmanship—arc sword energy!
With the perfect arc of sword energy, Chang Gu had no thought of dodge at all and just struck out in seconds.
Chang Gu pointed at Wang Meng tremblingly. The unwillingness and anger in his heart can be imagined. Damn, you liar. If he had known that his opponent was a master, he would not have been so careless.
Chang Gu’s figure gradually faded and disappeared from the fighting space.
Wang Meng also dodged. It didn’t matter whether it was heaven-level or earth-level. The key was the feeling, the wonderful feeling at the moment when the sword energy was released.
At this time, the battles were still fierce on other fighting stages. Li Tianyi, Ma Tianer, Yan Yuyue, Lin Jinghao and others joined the battle one after another. For those who were confident, they did not need to wait.
Wang Meng didn’t feel particularly happy after winning the game. For him, winning or losing was not the key. The key was the progress made from it. It must