portant. Tianxin Fort is very concerned about this now. The Eight Great Forts On the one hand, the position ranking of the fort depends on its own strength, on the other hand, it also depends on the attitudes of the three sects and five sects.

There are more and more people congratulating at the door, and the spacious courtyard is getting more and more full. Wang Meng, who is sitting at the door, always has a smile on his face. People coming and going will look at him and think of him as a doorman. After a while, some disciples even came over to ask him who the “fairy” in the inner hall was.
It’s just that the tone of the inquirer was not very good, it was all in the form of orders, and no one took such a boy seriously.
This kind of circles and levels are quite clearly divided. If one person doesn’t get it right, he will be greatly offended.
Wang Meng has a very good attitude. Who is Yang Ying? Yang Ying is the most beautiful fairy in the temple.
Gradually, the number of people around Wang Meng gradually increased, and the disciples of the Xiaomen and Xiaosect were arranged here. For them, being able to participate in this feast was an honor in itself. They were equally excited and reported each other’s family status. Of course, compliment each other as usual.
“I am Lang Guang, the great disciple of Tongtian Sect in Xiamang Mountain.”
“It turns out that he is the famous chief disciple of the Tongtian Sect. I have admired him for a long time. He is at Huashan in Xiawanxie Cave.”
“Ah, Huashan, is he the number one member of the younger generation in Wanxie Cave?”
“It’s just me.”
Even among the short ones, there are big ones, and everyone compliments each other very much. Whenever a big person comes in at the door, they will look at it quietly. Once the big person passes by, they will immediately get excited again.
/Disciples from the small sect, such as those from the small sect, would be piled at the door, while the better ones would go into the middle of the outer hall.
Wang Meng looked at the people who came in quietly, and listened to the discussions of the disciples around him. He couldn’t help but smile on his face.
“The Lord of Longjiabao, Long Xingtu, has arrived. He wishes our ancestors long life and an early arrival on the road.”
Longjiabao and Tianxinbao wore a pair of crotchless trousers, so they were naturally the first to support them. The owner of the castle also gave him enough face when he arrived. Long Xingtu and Yang Molong were also life-and-death friends. Their plans were not small, so they naturally had to act well at this time. Build momentum.
The proud young man following Long Xingtu is Long Qing, the descendant of Longjiabao, and Long Xi’s real eldest brother.
When Long Xingtu saw Patriarch Tianxin, he would also treat him as a junior and show respect. This was a great Buddha.
Chapter 241 specializes in curing all kinds of dissatisfaction, shooting begins!
/Patriarch Tianxin also gave Long Xingtu enough face. Long Xingtu sat down and Long Qing came to his disciples.
When he saw