hide. In this world, you can’t just dodge any attack?

A chaotic and tyrannical combination of fire symbols came overwhelmingly.
Meng Fu’s eyes are full of fear and he will kill you!
No room for dodge!
At this time, the “real person” no longer hides, as if he is frozen, has he given up?
The first group of explosive talisman formations blasted over, and the broken sword in the real man’s hand moved.
He slashed at the talisman formation.
Meng Fu was stunned, dumbfounded. Was he giving up?
The expected explosion did not appear, and the explosive talisman array swung around on the tip of the sword and was suddenly thrown out.
Immediately afterwards, the sword in the real person’s hand flew towards the talisman arrays. Each sword pointed at the core point of the talisman array, and other places would explode as soon as they were touched.
The sky was filled with sword light, and then each talisman flew out like snow flakes, causing the sky and the ground around the fighting platform to become dark.
There was deathly silence, the broken talisman sword of the sword cultivator? ? ?
He is a swordsman master. It is a defensive technique that seizes the connection points of the combined talisman and uses Yuanli to lure the talisman away.
Meng Fu swallowed, this damn thing requires such good eyesight and judgment! ! !
Are there people in this world who don’t make mistakes?
Meng Fu absolutely believed that this was not the case, and followed with another violent attack, but the real person still responded with the perfect Talisman-Breaking Sword!
Just kidding, after countless battles with the godhead, without even this bit of vision and reaction, Wang Meng could have gone back to his hometown and slept soundly. Unknowingly, Wang Meng had been tempered beyond imagination.
/The fact is that Wang Meng taught Meng Fu a serious lesson, and the real man lured away all the talismans.
Every blow feels like it has been tempered over and over again, without even the slightest difference.
In the void, more and more people were watching, and they were constantly amazed. This was the first time I saw someone using the Talisman-Breaking Sword to this extent.
Is Meng Fu exhausted?
Meng Fu’s face was really lost. He felt like he was just a twenty-level rookie being taught how to use the talisman!
His eyes became stern, and all his energy exploded, “It’s interesting, but not all talismans can be broken!”
There were eight more talismans in his left and right hands, and they blasted towards the eight corners of the fighting platform at the same time.
The light of Yuanli flashed, and the magic circle covered the entire fighting stage.
Meng Fu stopped his embarrassing attack. If he continued, he really wouldn’t have to go out to meet people. The fingers of his hands were trembling flexibly, and the entire fighting stage was suddenly filled with countless spiritual energy threads.
The huge formation fully demonstrated Meng Fu’s delicate control of Yuanli.
The spiritual light binds the spider web array.
/Meng Fu was really prov