pany, and Fir Company, to request Erto Fund to assume the corresponding shares. Rights!” Lawyer Macaulay said a series of company slogans.

President Amherst’s face changed slightly. He could tell from the names of these companies that these companies were not formal companies, but more like temporary and perfunctory names.
And he was 100% sure that they had never had any equity disputes with these six companies.
But the president of Amherst also understands that since there are 500 lawyers here, it means that there will be no legal problems, otherwise these lawyers would not come here.
“Attorney Macaulay, I need to see relevant information to confirm that six companies own the equity of Alto Fund!” President Amherst waved to the company lawyer aside, and then said to Attorney Macaulay .
“Of course, this is the equity transfer agreement of six companies, this is the relevant certification document from the government, and this is the notarized document from the notary public!” Barrister Macaulay took out the paper document from his briefcase and put it on the table. , then pushed over and said.
/The five hundred lawyers they hired were not in vain. Under the coordination of Barrister Macaulay, the fifty barristers showed their talents and completed the equity transfer agreement through various relationships in just a few days. Various certifications make the legality of the equity transfer agreement beyond doubt.
President Amherst took the documents and read them one by one.
The more he looked at it, the more frightened he became, and even his hands began to tremble involuntarily.
Seventy percent of the equity of Ertuo Fund was actually transferred to the names of these six shell companies.
Seeing that the time of the equity transfer was shortly before the destruction of the Erto satellite, the president of Amherst was almost certain that the person who entrusted these 500 lawyers was the murderer.
“You are robbers. I do not recognize these six transfer agreements!” President Amherst slammed the document in his hand on the table and said in a deep voice.
“President Amherst, it doesn’t matter whether you agree or not. These six agreements are protected by law. Today we are here to inform you that we will recover the equity of Erto Fund as soon as possible and recover the benefits that my client deserves. !” Barrister Macaulay said with a smile.
At this time, ten lawyers from the Erto Fund took over the documents and began to review them.
Although the attitude of the president of Amherst has been made clear, as lawyers, they need to complete their work.
The electronic signature of the original equity owner cannot be displayed on the paper document, but there is relevant notarization. There is not much that can be questioned on this point. Moreover, the electronic contract can be viewed, and the paper document has the corresponding serial number, which can be accessed at any time. Inquire.
“We will keep these documents. Starting this afternoon, we will begin to perform our duties!” Attorney Macaulay stood