Mr. Pan is becoming more and more fond of joking,” Lin Munan said with a smile, “Brother Pan, I sincerely invite you, are you really not giving me any face?”

Mr. Pan is becoming more and more fond of joking,” Lin Munan said with a smile, “Brother Pan, I sincerely invite you, are you really not giving me any face?”
“We only have one cultivator,” Pan Zhijiang’s face sank and he spoke gloomily, “But if you insist on humiliating me, both sides will lose. I believe I can still do it.” ”
Brother Pan, what do you mean by this?” Lin Munan looked surprised, “I mean well. I invite you to discuss Tao at home. I heard that you liked doing this in the past.”
Inviting people to discuss Tao is common in China, but some people also imprison experts in the name of discussing Tao in order to combat the other party’s power. The purpose – to put it bluntly, is house arrest.
Pan Zhijiang looked at the other party coldly, “While both sides are hurting, I can also leave clues to guide the masters in the clan to avenge me. Do you believe it or not?” ”
Brother Pan misunderstood my good intentions so much. It’s really a pity,” Lin Munan He smiled and shook his head, “Well, I’ll give Brother Pan some face, and just keep our things on the same terms as before.”
“Nothing,” Pan Zhijiang flatly denied, and he spoke expressionlessly, “Besides, It is an ownerless thing. Whoever gets it belongs to whom. What do you call your thing?”
/“You want to die, so don’t blame me, the Lin family, for being ruthless.” Lin Munan sighed softly, “I have endured it again and again. ”
“Wait a minute!” Pan Zhijiang shouted loudly, “The things are indeed not on our possessions. We have entrusted them to ‘our restaurant’ to keep them for now!” ”
Our restaurant?” The two aphrodisiacs of the Lin family were all stunned. After a long time, Lin Munan sighed. He said, “That’s a good plan, so let’s search it!”
Pan Zhijiang smiled coldly, “Do you know what Hua Xiu’s dignity is?”
Hua Xiu’s dignity cannot be desecrated. He has already given an explanation. If the other party still wants to search him, , that is an insult to him, it is not an exaggeration to say that he will fight to the death.
Just when the Lin family was having a hard time making a choice, a voice sounded not far behind Pan Zhijiang, “What are you talking about? Can you explain it?”
Chapter 296 is to ask
the Pan family and the Lin family Hearing this voice, Qiqi was stunned: He actually attracted the covetousness of a third-party force?
The two families carefully shrink their formations, and while being wary of each other, they also face the third party vigilantly.
A dark figure was sitting on a big tree not far away, looking down at them.
The moonlight was extremely bright at this time, illuminating this person’s face clearly, and the scars were clearly visible.
“Is it you?” Pan Zhijiang’s face darkened, and a white light shot out with a shake of his hand, turning into a big hand and slapping it hard.
There was a loud “bang” sound, and a big seal suddenly appeared in the air, hitting the big hand heavily.
“Yinbao?” Pan Zhijiang was stunned when he saw this, “Hua Xiu?”
He was in a daze when he saw Hua Xiu, the son of the Lin fa