t must be the latter. If this guy were on the 20th floor, I would cut off his head and use it as a ball. Even Her Majesty the Queen was not so powerful when she was on the 20th floor.” Mo Wuzheng said.

“Activate the camp’s power and find him!”
This time the real person is really not showing his face, and showing his face will scare people to death.
Wang Meng went to sweep out five alchemy furnaces early in the morning and came back. They were exactly the same as the furnaces in the Alchemy Academy. The result was one hundred high-grade spiritual stones. Can you believe it? It was a complete robbery!
At that time, Wang Meng just watched the deacon of Baiqiyuan “snatch” five hundred spirit stones from him. He only had it for one night and he didn’t even cover it. It was a heartache.
/This is Wang Zhenren. When he was the richest in his life, he suddenly lost half of his wealth.
But compared to refining life-saving divine first-aid pills, this expense is nothing.
Wang Meng hung a Do Not Disturb sign at the door to avoid being disturbed at critical moments. A stove cost only a hundred yuan, so he couldn’t afford to hurt him.
Wang Meng is really a prophet. In just one morning, there were three waves of people looking for him. The first wave was Fan Hong. This kid came to Wang Meng no matter what. The second wave was Jiang Qingqing. I don’t know where to ask. Arriving at Wang Meng’s residence, the third wave was a stranger.
Wang Meng locked himself in for a whole day, and it wasn’t until night that Wang Meng came out. Fan Hong had already been here several times. As soon as the door on Wang Meng’s side moved, Fan Hong came out. He was shocked when he saw Wang Meng’s lost and gray look.
“Dude, what’s wrong with you? Are you being cooked?”
Wang Meng wiped his face, and his whole hand was black. Wipe it, five stoves, and five hundred high-grade spiritual stones flew away, and they all exploded. They could not withstand the power of spiritual consciousness at all.
What’s going on? He clearly remembered it just right last time, but this time he remembered it more.
“The alchemy failed and the furnace exploded.”
“Halo, how big of a deal do I think it is? I’m not telling you how to practice alchemy well. My old man said that alchemy is just playing with things to lose one’s ambition. That thing is unreliable. I used to go to the alchemy academy mainly because I wanted to piss him off. In fact, now Come to think of it, my old man’s words sometimes make sense.”
Fan Hong persuaded.
Wang Meng rolled his eyes, what can he say?
Why can’t the same alchemy furnace bear it?
Wang Meng kept thinking about this question in his mind. Suddenly, Wang Meng understood that it was not the problem of the alchemy furnace, but his problem.
He has become stronger!
The spiritual consciousness has become stronger, and the alchemy furnace cannot bear the stronger spiritual consciousness. It was done reluctantly last time, but there is definitely no need to force it now.
It’s not that Wang Meng doesn’t want to buy something better, i