gsheng It’s easy to get in, but it’s hard to get out, but paying in advance shows your sincerity.

gsheng It’s easy to get in, but it’s hard to get out, but paying in advance shows your sincerity.
/There is no way, King Jing dare not raise the flag of rebellion now, especially after the changes in the King of England.
But the machine has started and cannot stop.
At this time, any advantageous means must be mastered by King Jing, not to mention the big killer weapon of public opinion. At this time, the people’s channels for obtaining information are limited, and powerful propaganda can sway the people’s opinions. Li Shu is in a closed state. , really simple.
King Jing even planned to distribute tens of thousands of radios for free, just for publicity, but in fact they were also war resources.
Therefore, King Jing invited Li Yongsheng to go there at no cost – once the attempt failed, there would be no use keeping the money.
Li Yongsheng shook his head slowly, “It’s not about money.”
Before he could finish speaking, Wu Ziren spoke up again, “Ninth Princess, Prince Jing’s Palace and Prince Ying’s Palace are in the same boat, and they are both victims. There is no justice in this world. He promised the King of England Your Highness may not be able to do everything, so you’d better discuss it with Li Xiaoyou.”
“I told you, I’m not interested in this.” Zhao Xinxin didn’t look at them, but still stared at the rain in the sky, “And come back. On the way, I also saw that the five prefects were expelled and the Li common people lived a very miserable life.”
“With the radio station, the five prefectures will be easier to manage,” Wu Ziren said eloquently, “These five prefects are the Li common people. We couldn’t bear it anymore, and the imperial court that voluntarily expelled officials only looked at connections and not ability. It’s so irresponsible.”
“I told you, it’s not about money,” Li Yongsheng said calmly, and the other party desperately passed the responsibility on the past. The rejection is just an excuse. Even if these five prefects are very irresponsible, how could they be expelled at the same time?
He pointed out very clearly, “His Royal Highness King Jing wants a radio station, but it is just a final push before the uprising, so I cannot support it.” “Can’t you
ask for it now?” the female secretary shouted, and she stared at it intently. Zhao Xinxin said, “There is a way to punish the unjust. This is the way of heaven.”
Zhao Xinxin ignored her, but Li Yongsheng spoke again, “Actually, it doesn’t matter who is the heavenly family. The key is that the people will be in ruins and the common people will suffer. I can’t Support such a thing.”
The female secretary sneered, “This is the King of England getting out of trouble, you would say so.” ”
That’s enough,” Zhao Xinxin said, lightly but unquestionably, “My mysterious The female palace is in Ningping County, Yancheng Prefecture, and has left an operational flag, but they can’t see the chaos below!”
The two people in Prince Jing’s Mansion were speechless. Of course they knew about the chaos in the Fifth Mansion, but there was no solut