od relationship with Li Yongsheng, but there are some busy people in the government, and they don’t just want to help.

od relationship with Li Yongsheng, but there are some busy people in the government, and they don’t just want to help.
Now that Huang Yongchao has overtaken Li Yongsheng, the Royal Horse Supervisor can embarrass the Munitions Department – Li Qingming, it’s useless for you to be angry. We are helping Li Yongsheng to stand up. If you have the ability, go and grin at your benefactor.
Oscar always felt that he was doing things without anyone noticing, but how could he have thought that Li Yongsheng would see through this?
Fortunately, Li Yongsheng still has to take on the role of “getting angry”.
/In fact, Li Yongsheng didn’t mind being used. What he cared about was, “The inner court is constantly competing for power with the military. Have you considered whether this will reduce the efficiency of the military? Internal strife is actually quite scary. .”
Oscar smiled nonchalantly, “We haven’t done enough. The accidents of Dui Shuai and Kan Shuai proved that the military is far less reliable than the inner court. Strengthening supervision is necessary.”
Wang Zhiyun was sweating as he listened . Coming down, what these two said is really terrifying.
Li Yongsheng could not refute Oscar’s words. In fact, this was a matter of opinion. Ning Zhiyuan, Oscar, Li Qingming and Huang Yongchao all had their own positions, and then they had different choices. This is completely normal.
He didn’t know that Li Qingming was actually somewhat dissatisfied with Huang Yongchao.
In short, things in the government cannot be judged by simple right and wrong. Li Yongsheng admits that with his current identity, status and amount of information, he cannot provide a perfect solution.
So he could only adopt the simplest method, just do whatever you want wherever you sit, “Then Eunuch Ao is going to give me this face?”
“Of course I will give it to you,” Oscar replied with a smile, ” But this is a matter between you and me. Minister Li needs you to explain it.”
Li Yongsheng smiled and nodded, “Of course it is a matter between you and me. Of course I am using the name of Eunuch Ning to overpower you. Ning My father-in-law must not know about it.” It’s
/strange that Ning Zhiyuan didn’t know about it! But since he wants to achieve his goal, he must have the corresponding awareness and take the blame when it is time to take it.
It’s impossible to just enjoy the results without taking the blame!
Of course, it was not enough to just take the blame. Li Yongsheng took out a jade talisman and handed it to Oscar. He smiled and said, “Eunuch Ao, this is the magic talisman. Be careful and don’t expose it to others.”
Oscar originally wanted to take this piece . It’s a jade talisman, but when I heard the words “God-Shaking Talisman”, I was so frightened that I immediately retracted my hand and said in shock, “This is the God-Shaking Talisman that can withstand the red lotus karma fire. What about the God-Shaking Talisman that every true king praises?”
Ying When Wang was assassinated on his birthday, Li Yongsheng and Ning Zhiyuan we