, Oscar wouldn’t be too angry, but he would definitely not tolerate it if he said it was chaos.

, Oscar wouldn’t be too angry, but he would definitely not tolerate it if he said it was chaos.
Previously, due to the conflict between Chen Buda and Ning Zhiyuan, the Royal Horse Supervisor had suspended the supply of many military horses. Huang Yongchao also came to the Royal Horse Supervisor many times to urge them – at that time, Director Huang’s attitude was still relatively polite.
After the supply of war horses was restored, Oscar thought that you should know that my horse supervisor is not easy to mess with, and you should consider more of our suggestions.
However, once the supply of military horses was resumed, Huang Yongchao also returned to his original attitude – resolutely not listening to the Royal Horse Supervisor.
Oscar also became popular and told Ning Zhiyuan that it was inappropriate for them to ignore our inner court like this.
Ning Zhiyuan thought more and said that Li Qingming had just taken office as Minister of Military Service. The situation now is very complicated and we cannot undermine him.
Otherwise, Ning Yuma is Ning Yuma. He thinks about the problem from the overall perspective, which is much better than Oscar.
However, Oscar is still unconvinced: they are clearly taking advantage of the current situation to increase the authority of the Munitions Department, and the ultimate goal must be to get rid of the supervision of our Royal Horse Supervisor – it is really a shameful thing!
When Ning Zhiyuan heard this, he thought that was right. At this critical moment, your Munitions Department did not consider the advice of the Imperial Horse Supervisor at all and insisted on going your own way. This was not appropriate. When encountering such a thing, shouldn’t both sides work together?
/The Munitions Department must get rid of the influence of the inner court, which is not a good thing.
However, no matter how dissatisfied the Royal Horse Inspector is, he can only endure it at this time – the downfall of Dui Shuai and Kan Shuai has made the military system a mess. If he offends the newly appointed Li Qingming, he is really playing with fire. .
At this time, Li Yongsheng came to the Royal Horse Prison to mobilize war horses for Boling County.
One of the purposes of Ning Zhiyuan and Li Yongsheng was to test whether the King of England had the idea of ??borrowing foreign power. However, making reasonable use of opportunities to achieve the goal of killing two birds with one stone or even three birds with one stone is also a skill that a superior must master.
So after he met Li Yongsheng, he said hello to Oscar: Li Yongsheng came to ask for war horses for Boling County. I asked him to find you. He has a good relationship with Li Qingming, you know.
Oscar was so understanding that he received Li Yongsheng warmly and promised to allocate 10,000 more war horses without saying a word. After receiving one hundred taels of gold, he generously promised 5,000 more war horses.
/If it weren’t for this factor, he wouldn’t be so forthcoming – yes, both he and Ning Zhiyuan have a go