energy did not seem to rely solely on the County Sheriff.

energy did not seem to rely solely on the County Sheriff.
The retired Imperial Guard has his own circle.
After about two days, the old man came back and brought two people over, one a strong man and the other a middle-aged man.
The middle-aged man clearly revealed his identity: he was from Shang Yangcheng’s family and could be responsible for escorting their bodyguards.
I don’t know how the old man got married, but the middle-aged man said that the three of them can be sent to the junction of Shangdang and Daming, which is the border of Youzhou County and Bingzhou County.
However, the conditions they offered were not low, requiring twenty taels of gold.
At this time, it was Zhang Laoshi who went up to bargain – we have cars and horses, and it is only six hundred miles from here to the destination. You are not responsible for our entry into Youzhou. Where in the world can such a price be found?
The middle-aged man smiled coldly, “Six hundred miles? Do you think you are a real person and can drive in a straight line? At least nine hundred miles.” The
strong man also snorted, “You probably don’t know that there are a lot of real people nearby recently, right? ? The world is going to be in chaos. Without me to escort you, you won’t be able to reach Youzhou County. If you don’t believe me, make a bet?”
Zhang Laoshi asked seriously, “How come there are so many real people?”
The middle-aged man glanced at The old man thought for a while before answering, “We are all waiting for something to happen to Youzhou County. As for these real people, they come from wherever they come from, and they are from the Hidden World Family.” “From the
Hidden World Family?” Zhang Laoshi rolled his eyes, “Some Whose family? I have friendships with several hidden families.”
“Brother, can you please stop being ridiculous?” The middle-aged man laughed loudly upon hearing this, “You are just a cultivator, but you have friendships with the hidden families, or are you not? A’? Tell me, which secluded families are you familiar with?”
“The Murong family in Xijiang, the Ding family in Longyou, and the Chu family in Ailao,” Zhang Laoshi replied matter-of-factly, “Actually, there are other families, but It’s hard to say too much.”
“Really or not?” The middle-aged man looked at him with interest, “You haven’t just heard of it, right?”
The old man coughed dryly, “My young master and young lady are of extremely high status. Even if you are noble, you will not lie to start a family.”
“Okay,” the middle-aged man nodded, and did not want to be more serious, “But this old man, your young master will not reveal his identity, but his origin is unknown. There are so many real people now, escort You are really in trouble when you go to Youzhou with unknown origins.”
“That’s right,” the strong man said, “If Uncle Li hadn’t introduced him, we really wouldn’t care about these twenty taels of gold.”
/“My family doesn’t. The origin is unknown, but the origin is clear.” Zhang Laoshi took out a guide and waved it, “Our family has all