ss his anger.

For a moment, the orc nobles who attended the celebration banquet were in panic, especially the unlucky guy who drank with Crown Prince Terry, who felt as if he was facing an abyss.
God of beasts, if they knew that a few glasses of wine could take away the crown prince, they would never try to trick him.
It’s a pity that these feeble explanations have no meaning. The old Emperor Behemoth seemed to be a willful child, just catching these unlucky ones and constantly grabbing their pigtails.
Once the handle is grasped, it will be a thunderous blow in an instant. Even if the other four imperial courts tried to stop him, they could not stop Emperor Beamon’s determination to take revenge.
Deeply feeling Emperor Beamon’s “love for his son,” the orc empire no longer dared to say anything more about the issue of the heir to Beamon’s imperial court.
In the Jade Palace, after receiving the news that Emperor Beamon had lost his son again, Caesar III no longer had pain in his waist and legs, and he even ate an extra bowl of dinner.
If it weren’t for his good self-cultivation, which allowed him to control his emotions, he would probably have started to drink and celebrate by now.
“Terry, that little bastard is dead. The old one is Alex’s last son.
/It’s just that this guy’s reputation is far-reaching. It is said that the house is filled with female slaves from all ethnic groups in the mainland. Even the succubus from the abyss has not been spared. They play music at home all day and night.
The only contribution to the Behemoth clan was to verify which races Behemoth could combine with to give birth to offspring, and to create more than 300 grotesque grandchildren for the old immortal.
Do you think this guy could be made the crown prince? ”
Caesar III said enthusiastically.
It can be seen from the expectation in his words that he really hopes that Alex can become the new Emperor Beamon.
After all, we are all good neighbors. Under the guiding ideology that if you are strong, I will be weak, everyone wants the other to die, how can they expect the other to live well?
“Your Majesty, I’m afraid there are some difficulties. Compared with Prince Alex’s depravity, there are many talents among Emperor Beamon’s grandchildren who are more suitable to become the crown prince than him.
Although this youngest son was once the most favored son of Emperor Beamon, in the past hundred years or so, this guy has been disillusioned with his lack of ambition and his tendency to spend his days living in debauchery.
As an emperor, Emperor Beamon must consider the inheritance of the Beamon family. At this time, if Prince Alex is forcibly appointed as the crown prince, it would be irresponsible to the Behemoth clan.
After all, the inheritance system of the Orc Empire is different from ours. The most powerful children have served as beast kings in past generations. Even if Alex is established as the crown prince, it may be difficult for him to successfully inherit the throne.
Perhaps knowing this, just after Crown Prince Terr