were two subversive warriors.

David didn’t mind fighting the opponent if he had the right weapon in hand.
But after breaking open Box No. 5 just now, he put the thorn back to his leg. It was too late to pull it out now.
Besides, even with a spur in his hand, he was no match for the two peak sword warriors.
“Flash!” David made a judgment instinctively. With almost no time to think, his figure had already moved quickly.
With his ‘Ultimate Speed’ activated, he was already out of the attack range of the two long swords before the faint blue light approached.
/As soon as his feet touched the ground, he immediately exerted force, and the ‘power shock’ was activated, kicking the two chairs towards the two of them, and at the same time, his body quickly retreated.
The two female bodyguards thought that David had controlled Emma. They knew Emma’s temper very well and would not even touch a man’s hand, let alone lie on the man’s back.
They had never seen this man before, so the misunderstanding arose.
For Emma’s safety, the two female bodyguards attacked almost desperately, but even so they still couldn’t catch up with David, who was like a swimming fish.
When they saw two chairs flying towards them, the two female bodyguards didn’t even think about it. They just swept out with their swords and rushed over without stopping.
But a strange force came from the chair, shaking the two unsuspecting female bodyguards.
When the two female bodyguards went limp, they bit the tips of their tongues at the same time, and shot two bloody arrows at David’s body.
This is the secret technique of two female bodyguards. The powerful blood arrows are enough to break through gold and iron. The body defense of a soldier without exoskeleton armor is only slightly stronger than that of ordinary people. This kind of blood arrows, which are almost comparable to bullets, cannot be used at all. Hold back.
The attacks of the two female bodyguards deliberately avoided Emma’s position, and at such a close distance, they arrived in front of David in an instant.
“Danger!” David felt the danger coming. Since he was retreating, he could clearly see the attack method used by the opponent.
/While he was highly concentrated, his energy began to explode, and he could see the trajectory of the two blood arrows.
From the attack positions of the two blood arrows, we can see the cooperation of the two female bodyguards. No matter how David dodges, it will be difficult to avoid all the two blood arrows.
David raised his right leg to one side of his body and blocked it in front of him. He successfully avoided a blood arrow, and another blood arrow that attacked him hit his calf.
Where his calf was hit, a faint blue light flashed.
David used the second-grade military spur on his calf to block the attack of the blood arrow, but the huge force contained in the blood arrow still knocked him away.
These two female bodyguards are truly elite elite soldiers with many secret skills. They are the absolute elites selected by Emma’s family from the military’s sp